We solve
hard IT Problems.

TNG Technology Consulting

is a value-based consulting partnership focused on high end information technology.

We support our customers with state-of-the-art tools and innovative ideas. Our mission is to analyze and solve the strategic or routine IT problems our customers have.

By relying on teamwork and fast communication, each customer can access the whole pool of company expertise.

We hire only the best experts. Our people have the freedom to grow and the responsibility to do so. We believe that a rational cooperation between ourselves and our customers is both achievable and mutually beneficial.

"If I want it to work, then I choose TNG." (VP Technology of a Munich corporation)



  • Architecture
  • Design and implementation
  • Testing, tuning, maintenance
  • Enterprise Java as well as C/C++, C#, JavaScript, Groovy, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala


  • Introduction and optimization of agile development processes (Kanban, Scrum, Lean & XP)
  • Introduction of tools
  • Code reviews and assessments
  • Software refactoring and verification


  • Network and services monitoring
  • Evaluation of operational data
  • Cluster & high availability systems
  • Scripting
  • Server and SAN administration


  • Provider and outsourcer control
  • Strategies for set-up & migration of data centers
  • Design and operation of high-end networks
  • Security audits


  • Business intelligence and big data
  • Agile migration
  • IT rescue & renovation
  • Project management
  • Project office
  • Analysis


  • Scrum and Kanban coaching
  • Planning of IT-based business-strategies
  • Consulting and research
  • Conduction of studies

News & Events

We published a white paper on software modernization ("Software-Modernisierung - Im Spannungsfeld zwischen Zwangsläufigkeit und Aufwand") in cooperation with the market research...

We extended and cleaned up an existing Hybris-based online shop to such an extent that "hot deployment", including database changes, became possible during normal business hours....

October 2014


We held talks at the Agile Tuesday, the XP Days 2014, WebVisions Berlin, Manage Agile 2014, and the Munich Nerd Nite.

September 2014

Insurance Portal

We supported the German subsidiary of a worldwide insurance company for the start of their new digitalisation strategy. We assisted creating the requirements for the CMS and the...

September 2014

Open Source | JGiven

We published an article in the magazine Java aktuell about an open-source plain Java framework for behaviour-driven development developed by TNG (JGiven).


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Founded in 2001

Employees 177

Employees with a University Degree 99 %