Big Techday 6, June 14th, 2013


I - Maximiliansaal

II - Room Odeon

III - Room Salvator

IV - Room Maffei

V - Room Pranner

08:30 Admission and Registration - please arrive early

Future Tech

Quantum Computers: Fundamentals, applications, and implementation (in English) (Slides, Video)
 Benjamin Feldman, Yacoby Group, Department of Physics, Harvard University

Web Technology

Bringing Symfony Components in your Legacy Code (in English) (Slides, Video)
 Hugo Hamon, Head of Training, SensioLabs

Internet Law

Cookies, I like and privacy protection - what is still permitted? (Video)
 Dr. Peter Katko, Head of IP/IT Law, Ernst & Young Law GmbH

Enterprise Technology

Meet the Camel - EAI made easy (Slides, Video)
 Eric Weikl, Principal Consultant, TNG

Hardware Hacking

Device exhibition
09:55 Time to change rooms

Machine Learning

Modern big data and machine learning technologies applied to the case of finding extremely rare high-energy events (in English)
 Dr. Andrey Ustyuzhanin, Head of Yandex-CERN cooperation programme

Web Technology

Refactoring PHP - Von Legacy nach Symfony (Video)
 Stefan Kirsch, Principal Consultant, TNG

CTO's Corner

eCommerce & business intelligence: a dream team
 Lars Jankowfsky, CTO, Yatego GmbH

Enterprise Technology

A little graph theory for the busy developer (Video)
 Stefan Armbruster, Neo Technology

Hardware Hacking

Steampunk (Slides, Video)
 Joachim Buff, Machinery inventor
11:00 Coffee break

Robotics and AI

"Soft robotics" - the next generation of intelligent machines: Case study "Roboy" (Video)
 Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeifer, Director, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Zurich

Programming Languages

From High-level Haskell to Efficient Low-level Code (in English) (Slides, Video)
 Dr. Geoffrey Mainland, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Big Data

In-Memory Technology - driver of interesting big data innovations (Video)
 Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, Director, Hasso-Plattner-Institut at University of Potsdam

Enterprise Technology

Rapid Performance Testing: No Load Generation Required (in English) (Slides, Video)
 Scott Barber, Performance Specialist, PerfTestPlus

Hardware Hacking

Lock-Hacking - High- and low-tech attacks on elektronic locks
 Michael Hübler and Ray, The Open Source Lock
12:30 12:20 12:15 12:25 12:20
Lunch - with staggered start times for shorter queues

Reality Check

In god we trust. Everyone else, bring data. (in English) (Video)
 Prof. Dr. Harald Störrle, Associate Professor of Requirements Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Programming Languages

Distributed Programming with "Cloud Haskell" (Slides, Video)
 Dr. Andres Löh, Well-Typed

CTO's Corner

Lean Management @ AutoScout24: Why Scrum is not enough to create continuous innovation and radical business success!
 Johannes Bernhardt, Vice President Business and Product Development, AutoScout24

Enterprise Technology

Tap into the power of slaves with Jenkins (auf Englisch) (Slides, Video)
 Kohsuke Kawaguchi, inventor of Jenkins, Cloudbees

Real Hacking

Empiricism vs. the Underground Economy (in English) (Slides, Video)
 Dr. Christian Kreibich, Senior Researcher, International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley
14:40 Time to change rooms

Hardware Hacking

Taking Augmented Reality out of the Laboratory and into the Real World (in English) (Video)
 Dr. Christian Sandor, Director, Magic Vision Lab

Agile Methods

Agility and quality: Two sides of the same coin (Slides, Video)
 Sebastian Bergmann, inventor of PHPUnit

CTO's Corner

20 million products out of 1000 catalogues - how to manage this?
  Dr. Martin Wagner & Felix Kissel, CTO & Senior Developer, Mercateo AG

Big Systems

Bringing sanity to government IT: The Government Digital Service story (in English) (Slides, Video)
 Jake Benilov, Founder, Quick People Ltd

Hardware Hacking

Hardware-Hacking on the Arduino Platform: Building sensor-controlled extraordinary MIDI-compatible musical instruments (Video)
  Martin Foertsch und Stefan Wendler, Senior Consultants, TNG
15:45 Coffee break

Techno Art

Kryptos - on the fusion of art and science (in English) (Video)
 Jim Sanborn, Artist

Programming Languages

JavaScript - the next big thing?
 Golo Roden, JavaScript specialist

Agile Management

Quo vadis? Management and leadership in agile organisations (Slides, Video)
 Eike Reinel, Partner, TNG


The Open-Movement – how new Technology produces new Law
 Dr. jur. Timo Ehmann


Software defined networking - quantum leap for agile operations? (Slides, Video)
 Bernhard Bock, Principal Consultant, TNG
17:15 End of the main programme, followed by a relaxed get-together with music and lightweight dinner


In Thin Air -Passion high-altitude mountaineering (Video)
 Alix von Melle und Luis Stitzinger, Go Climb a Mountain
22:00 End of the event

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