News Automotive

July 2018

Migration of RViz to ROS 2

TNG migrated the open source project RViz ( from ROS 1 to ROS 2 ( for a large automotive supplier. RViz is the main visualization tool for ROS and reached production readiness for the ROS 2 release Bouncy Bolson (3 July 2018) with the migration of most of the functionality and stable APIs.

March 2015

C# | .Net

We supported a startup in the automobile industry with C# and .Net development, the setting-up of a continuous build infrastructure with Microsoft TFS and with creation of security concepts. The software is used in a central function at a sports car manufacturer.

December 2014

Agile Coaching | Training

We held Scrum, Advanced Scrum Master and Product Owner training sessions for customers in the automobile and insurance industries. We also coached projects in automobile development as well as a large-scale project in strategic purchasing.

June 2014

Agile Coaching | Embedded

We took on the scrum coaching for six embedded systems teams for a car manufacturer, providing two scrum masters and an agile coach. We also provided training sessions and coaching for the introduction of scrum for neighbouring departments.

September 2013

Scrum | Kanban | Agile RE

We held several trainings for our customers on Scrum, Kanban and agile requirements engineering. The trainings lasted from one to three days and took place either at the customer's site or at our office in Unterföhring.

December 2012

Large-scale Scrum

The large-scale scrum project we supported in the role of a product owner for an automotive company went into production in three additional countries.

November 2012

O(log n)

Within the complex portal of a major company, we optimized the write operations in the portal from O(n) to O(log n). For the first time, it is possible for portal users to work very efficiently.

October 2012

Euro-6 for Utility Vehicles

Beginning of September, the with Euro-6 required documentation for repair and maintenance goes live in the portal of one of our clients from the automotive sector. The therefore neccessary embedding of editorial content has been implemented and rolled out on schedule.

June 2012

Agile Project Turn Around | Enterprise PHP | Symfony2

A producer of heavy machines assigned us technical leadership and execution of a project turnaround, because the original supplier went bankrupt. The PHP-based system was massively refactored by a cooperating partner and us in a Scrum team of twelve developers in close cooperation with the customer. We ported the software to an application framework (Symfony2 and Doctrine), built a test infrastructure with over 1.000 tests, stabilised business critical modules, and increased the execution speed of critical code sections by more than a factor of ten. This new product version went live in-time and we have been implementing new features since then.

April 2012

Code Review

We conducted a two-week code review for a large-scale project of an industrial manufacturer. The aim was to test the system parts written in Java and JavaScript regarding their multi-client capability, as the system has to be rolled out in more than 100 countries. The problematic parts we identified were reported daily to the respective contact persons within the team, so that they could be fixed in a timely manner.