News Banking & Finance

May 2018

Technology Migration for FinTech

TNG successfully delivered the first release for a leading FinTech client. The project involved a technology migration using the strangler pattern. In contrast to a complete redesign, the existing code is replaced step by step, without temporarily losing functionality. The software was rolled out without any hitches and the code is already being used actively by the client.

May 2017

Innovator in Application Operations Teams

We supported an application operations team in the financial sector by rejuvenating or decommissioning old core applications. We used automated configuration management (Puppet), updated OS and application frameworks, standardized and simplified scripts and configuration for a maintainable, environment-indepedent layout.

As well as reworking application monitoring (Check_MK), we created structured operational manuals using Confluence templates and trained internal employees.

We evaluated new technologies (such as Elastic Stack 5), implemented proof-of-concept applications and supported developers with the introduction of the frameworks into existing applications.

March 2015

AngularJS | Swagger

We developed a JavaScript widget based on AngularJS for a payment service provider. The widget interactively documents the functionality of a REST API, automatically generating it from a Swagger JSON file.

March 2015

Browser Plugin

We developed a browser plugin prototype for a service provider with high security requirements. The plugin supports all common browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer in various versions and is also platform- and operating system-independent.

December 2014

Agile Coaching | Training

We held Scrum, Advanced Scrum Master and Product Owner training sessions for customers in the automobile and insurance industries. We also coached projects in automobile development as well as a large-scale project in strategic purchasing.

January 2014

Atlassian Tools

We now regularly do large migrations and upgrades of Jira and Confluence, sometimes with thousands of users, and to high-end hardware. We routinely analyse the performance of whole systems and optimize the toolchain from operating system via database to Atlassian application. Usually, we automate significant parts of the transformation processes to minimize effort in the long term. Also, we can create standby solutions to minimize restoration times in case of failure.

March 2011

Security Audit | Hardening

TNG accomplished a security audit of the frontend systems of a large client for several weeks. By on-site security checks, vulnerabilities of the systems were identified and potential security risks analysed. We accompanied our client during the implementation of measures to increase and then to sustain the security level.

January 2011

JIRA Plugin

For the IT department of a bank we developed a JIRA reporting plugin, that determined the progress and performance of the IT projects and teams that are managed with JIRA. Issues, working times or events within a certain time frame were evaluated and the results were grouped and sorted in the reports. Already in December 2010 we implemented five JIRA reports which were used by the customer from the beginning of the year on. In the meantime we implemented six further reports. Until the end of the year the plugin shall offer approximately 25 reports.

December 2010

Technical Due Diligence

For a customer from the finance sector we conducted a technical due diligence at a company, our customer wanted to join in. In the course of the due diligence we analysed the system architecture and performance, IT security aspects, the licencing environment, and the state of the documentation. We reviewed the technical tools, that were used, and the processes for development, project handling, customer support and operations. The result enabled the customer to reach a better investment decision.

July 2014

Webservice Adapter | Payment System

For a payment technologies provider we developed a SOAP webservice adapter to an existing XML transaction interface. The development mainly takes place within the agile processes of the customer and was finished significantly ahead of time.