News E-Commerce

April 2016

B2B online shop relaunch

We completely rebuilt the online shop for a restaurant supplies wholesaler on the basis of the Hybris Commerce Accelerator, migrating existing data from the old system. This both eradicated technical debt and laid the foundations for a significant increase in non-food products. We supported this extension by adapting the various backend systems to the requirements of a very heterogeneous product range. The new online shop features completely reworked user experience with responsive design and navigation optimized for the product range, as well as improved maintenance of editorial content.

November 2015

Open Source Publication

A JSON schema generator for REST interfaces, developed in co-operation with a customer using Jersey and Java 8, was published as an open source project on Github: The software flexibly supplies REST resources with HATEOAS support. The definitions of links and rights are configured directly in the Java code.

June 2015


For an internationally active merchant we consolidated the web presence of the online shop and high street stores into a common system. It is now possible to develop and maintain cross-channel offers consistently using just one eCommerce platform.

May 2015

Project | Jersey | Guice

We assumed the overall project lead in a strategic project for an eCommerce provider, as well as the Product Owner role for one of the three participating Scrum teams. We are additionally supporting the development in Java 8, Jersey and Guice with several people.

May 2015


We switched the product index for a large online fashion retailer from a proprietary commercial solution to a self-hosted Elastic Search based solution. As well as considerable operational cost savings, we also accelerated the page delivery speed by 30%.

February 2015

Hybris | Spring Batch | Mondrian

We developed an incentive program for a fashion retailer, using among other technologies Hybris, Spring Batch and the Mondrian OLAP server.

The parameters of the incentive model are based on complex data-driven analyses that we developed in close co-operation with the executive board. Activation for a representative group of customers showed a rapid rise in essential metrics of customer behaviour.

November 2014

eCommerce A/B-Tests | Omniture

For an eCommerce customer with the Omniture toolchain, we introduced continuous client-side design tests as well as A/B layout tests, optimising customer experience and conversion rates.

October 2014

Hybris | Continuous Deployment

We extended and cleaned up an existing Hybris-based online shop to such an extent that "hot deployment", including database changes, became possible during normal business hours. The shop is fully usable by customers during the whole deployment process. Due to clever ordering of database and software changes during the deployment, rollbacks to previous software versions are also now possible.

June 2014

Confluence Add-Ons

For an international provider of e-Commerce software we developed a confluence add-on to integrate data from an HR application 'SuccessFactors'. For a provider of ERP software we integrated Confluence with their own ERP system, optimizing documentation and status control of tasks.

May 2014

Automated Installation

We migrated Atlassian products to new servers and automated the installation and management of each instance for a large online shop. These optimizations allowed test instances to be updated automatically. The effort for test configuration changes or upgrades was significantly reduced.