News Insurance

August 2018

Elastic Stack Upgrade

TNG performed an upgrade of the central Elastic Stack for company-wide logging at a large insurance company. This was a two-stage process, using an intermediate version to reach the latest version. It was the first upgrade of this system altogether and had to be executed manually, without central server management, on each server. At the same time, 6TB of production data in the stack was moved to new hardware. Despite these large scale changes, the effects on users were very small.

September 2014

Insurance Portal

We supported the German subsidiary of a worldwide insurance company for the start of their new digitalisation strategy. We assisted creating the requirements for the CMS and the functionality of the new customer portal, additionally implementing some prominent components of the portal on this completely new technology stack. We also technically reworked the representatives' homepage building blocks and the corresponding display for the end customer.

June 2014

Rogue Wave Replacement

We supported an international insurance company in the replacement of the Rogue Wave library with the C++ Standard Library and the open-source library Boost under Windows, HP-UX and Linux. On the fly, we significantly increased the test coverage.

January 2014

Atlassian Tools

We now regularly do large migrations and upgrades of Jira and Confluence, sometimes with thousands of users, and to high-end hardware. We routinely analyse the performance of whole systems and optimize the toolchain from operating system via database to Atlassian application. Usually, we automate significant parts of the transformation processes to minimize effort in the long term. Also, we can create standby solutions to minimize restoration times in case of failure.

December 2013

Performance Optimization | Multithreading

After the introduction of newly implemented ETL Software in Java and Groovy for a customer in the insurance industry, we have converted this to multi-threading and moved the application to a dedicated server infrastructure. This reduced the running time from 40 hours (single threaded on desktop hardware) to under 3 hours (multi-threaded on server hardware).

December 2013

JIRA as User Help Desk System

We introduced JIRA as the help desk system for a Munich insurance company, developing various plugins to improve usability and integration of external systems. Customers can now track the status and progress of their tickets for the first time.

September 2013

Scrum | Kanban | Agile RE

We held several trainings for our customers on Scrum, Kanban and agile requirements engineering. The trainings lasted from one to three days and took place either at the customer's site or at our office in Unterföhring.

April 2013

ETL | Groovy

For one of our clients in the insurance sector, we replaced ETL software with a new implementation in Java and Groovy, tailored to the specific needs of the customer. This dramatically simplified the handling, debugging and further development of the complex transformation rules. Furthermore, the software, initially intended for desktop use, could now be seamlessly integrated into the client's server infrastructure.

March 2013

Confluence Introduction

At a Munich insurance company, we introduced the wiki Confluence, displacing several present wikis. Introducing various automations, we enable easy future Confluence updates, allowing the client to constantly benefit from new functions of the platform.

December 2012

Agile Coaching

We supported a time-critical product development in an insurance company with the help of agile methods through coaching the cross-departmental core teams.

To continue to meet the increasing importance of agile methods, we trained practically all of our employees in Scrum. In addition, already more than half of all TNG-employees have been taught about Kanban.