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December 2018

TNG now Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

In December 2018, having already been Atlassian Expert and Gold Solution Partner, TNG was accredited as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, the highest level of Atlassian Partner. We have been using Atlassian products in our projects for 10 years as Atlassian Partners and can support our clients in all areas of digitalization with Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket etc. From requirements management through agile software development to optimization and automatic reports for Business Intelligence: our team of certified Atlassian experts can help you to reach your goals.

June 2018

Development of ArchUnit

TNG is driving the development of the Open Source project ArchUnit, which has already featured in the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar ( ArchUnit enables creation of unit tests to assess compliance with architecture rules. It also supports incremental progress towards architecture conformance when overhauling legacy projects. Two recent articles on ArchUnit by TNG colleagues are now available (in German): and

July 2017

Publication of a White Paper on Data Protection and Big Data

On 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in all EU member states. At the same time, many German and European companies have a growing interest – in the age of Google and Facebook etc – in the commercial use of this omnipresent personal data. Current Big Data technologies, in combination with modern cryptographic techniques reaching far beyond simple encryption, allow in-depth analysis and profitable use of large amounts of data without violating individuals' privacy.

We summarized our approach to these topics in a white paper (German only) that includes an in-depth interview with Professor Dr Gregor Thüsing, University of Bonn, about the legal background. The white paper was published as part of the Big Techday 10.

March 2016

SW360 and FOSSology

SW360 is a software component catalogue application developed by TNG. Recently, we updated SW360 to Java8 and newer versions of Tomcat, Liferay, Thrift and others. We made code and deployment ready for publication on github and developed new features.

Also the open source license scanner FOSSology has been further improved. For parts of it, we cooperated with the Linux Foundation.

March 2016

Modern Routing for Legacy PHP Application

We replaced the existing static routing in a PHP customer portal for a telecommunications company. The new implementation uses a URL-based routing layer based on the Symfony framework. This enables our customer to define meaningful URLs, simplifying end customers' experience and further optimizing pages for search engines.

March 2015

Pentaho | Active Directory

We supported a Pentaho BI-Server upgrade, including migration of users and roles to LDAP / MS Active Directory.

December 2012


We optimized JIRA for the development department of a big dating-portal provider. We demonstrated the possibilities of the new Greenhopper add-on for agile development and configured kanban boards adapted to the needs of developers and product owners. Also, for a big system- and software company, we conducted the upgrade of JIRA to version 5 and tethered JIRA to the in-house user database.

November 2012

Network Analysis

For one of our clients in the area of internet services, we analyzed the existing network infrastructure in the scope of a study regarding security, expandability, complexity, and cost efficiency. Considered were the ethernet topology, firewalls and load balancer, as well as the dynamic routing (OSPF, BGP-Peering and transit).

May 2012

vSphere | Cobbler | CFEngine

We supported a large german internet service provider in migrating their data center. Using vSphere and the accompanied Perl SDK we automated the creation of the virtual machines, with Cobbler the installation of the guest operating system and with CFEngine its configuration. The whole chain from creating the virtual machine to having a complete, running service can be automated by software. Now, data centers are no longer installed, configured and administrated - they are programmed. The core principles of software development can now be applied to administration. Test-driven development, continuous integration, testing and staging are now available to systems which were previously hand-crafted. A new installation of the data center on the basis of versioned and tested code is now possible with "one click" and within ten minutes.

February 2012

JIRA Training

We conducted a two-day JIRA training course for a large internet provider. In part one, we demonstrated the use of JIRA and the Greenhopper plugin in projects working with Scrum and Kanban. We also brought in our own experience from several real projects. In part two we focussed on JIRA administration, especially on the technical configuration of projects. The configuration of Agile Boards in Greenhopper was explained, which allows to use customized processes on the taskboard.