News Telecommunications

March 2016

Modern Routing for Legacy PHP Application

We replaced the existing static routing in a PHP customer portal for a telecommunications company. The new implementation uses a URL-based routing layer based on the Symfony framework. This enables our customer to define meaningful URLs, simplifying end customers' experience and further optimizing pages for search engines.

February 2015

IaC | PAAS | Devops

We supported the transition from classical infrastructure planning to agile self-service solutions, focusing especially on process optimisation between IT development and IT operations.

November 2014

REST | Apigility

We supported a telecommunication provider in realising a REST interface for integrating external partners into the ordering process. We used the Apigility API builder - based on Zend Framework 2 - and Swagger.

November 2014

JBoss | WebLogic | ActiveMQ

We migrated a huge application from JBoss 4 to WebLogic Server 12. As part of the migration, we replaced Apache ActiveMQ with WebLogic JMS.

November 2014

Big Data

We supported a client from the telecommunication sector during the Go-Live phase of a Big Data project using Apache Kafka, Storm, and Hadoop. Amongst others, we developed automated integration and performance tests, introduced continuous integration and performed code reviews.

May 2014

Zend Framework 2

We supported the transition of a project from Zend Framework 1 to Zend Framework 2 for a telecommunications company.

April 2014

Identity- and Access Management

We supported upgrading an Identity and Access Management environment on staging systems and production. We were responsible for both project planning and co-ordination. At the same time we introduced system and application monitoring using OMD.

April 2014

CRM System

We advised a mobile communications company on its self-developed CRM system with the technologies Jave Enterprise, Oracle PL/SQL, Visual Basic 6, and Shell. Besides recommendations for short-term stabilization measures, we developed and recommended a strategy to modernize the technology stack and system architecture in the medium term. We also carried out code reviews and held training sessions for internal staff on the theme of Continuous Integration.

March 2014

Centralized Message Dispatch

We developed a company-wide system to centralize the sending of mobile text messages and email messages for a large telecommunications company. The application is based on Akka and Apache Camel and, among other things, allows scheduling and rate-limiting of message sending as well as easy monitoring of the ongoing message dispatch.

March 2014


We produced a study for a telecommunications company comparing its technological and organizational approaches to current market trends.