DevOps & Cloud

This is a summary of the services we provide within the DevOps and Cloud branch.


  • Installation and bootstrapping with Vagrant and Cobbler, application containerization with Docker
  • Configuration of web server farms and proxies with Apache, nginx, lighttpd, varnish, squid and haproxy
  • Deployment automation and monitoring of Java Application Servers such as Tomcat, WebLogic, Websphere and WildFly
  • Service deployment in private and public clouds like AWS and Azure

System Management

  • Virtualization with VMware vSphere, libvirt, KVM and VirtualBox
  • OpenStack clustering with a virtualized network based on Open VSwitch
  • System management with Puppet, Chef, CFEngine, Salt and Ansible
  • Packaging with RPM, DEB, zypper, apt, yum, cpan, rubygems and pip


  • Network and service monitoring with Nagios, OMD, Munin and Zabbix
  • Central logging servers and log analysis with Splunk, Graylog2 and logstash

Applications Support

  • Database design, operations and tuning for Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Email architecture with Zimbra, Postfix, Courier imap and Sympa
  • Enterprise Identity Management with Kerberos and LDAP


  • Operations best practices with DevOps and infrastructure as code
  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes


  • Public key infrastructures (PKI), best practices in cryptology and VPN with IPSec, SSL VPN or OpenVPN
  • Implementation of network security, firewalls, intrusion detection & prevention


  • Unix performance optimization, kernel tuning, core & crashdump analysis, systemcall and kernel tracing
  • Troubleshooting of fixed and mobile service provider networks