News / Events

April 24th, 2024

Minds Mastering Machine

Every year, the Minds Mastering Machines conference provides insights into the latest developments in LLMs and machine learning. Just like last year, TNG will be there again this year. Our colleagues Martin Förtsch, Thomas Endres and Sven Rohr will be giving talks on April 24th on "From Zero to ChatGPT Hero: Effective Promt Engineering" and "How to roll your own LLM - Hosting Open Source Large Language Models yourself". For more information about the conference and the talk click here.

April 24th, 2024

Qubit Conference 2024

Send a virtual doppelganger into the video call and continue working on other things instead? Our Innovation Hacking Team has been researching real-time deepfakes for years and has developed an AI that could do just that. Our colleagues Martin Förtsch and Thomas Endres will present their work on this topic in their talk "Pushing Deepfakes to the Limit - Fake video calls with AI" at the Quibit Conference in Prague. You can find more information about the conference and the link to register here.

April 25th, 2024

Talk @ JAX 2024

Micro Frontends are a popular concept for enabling independent collaboration between many teams in enterprise projects. They allow integration at runtime. But is this really always the right approach? Our colleague Cathrin Möller will answer this and many other exciting questions in her presentation "A microfrontend is not always the right choice" at JAX, a conference for Java, architecture and software innovation on April 25th. Further information can be found here.

April 26th, 2024

Open Techday Budapest

Do you want to experience our learning culture first hand? This is your chance. On April 26th, we would like to welcome you to our Open Techday in our office in the heart of Budapest. In addition to a Q&A session and insights into our daily work and projects, there will also be interesting technical presentations and AI showcases! And let's not forget the hardware hacking workshop where we will get our hands dirty. Don't hesitate to contact us by April 19th via email to recruiting(at) if you are interested.

April 29th, 2024

JavaScript The Language Meetup @ TNG

Just like last year, "JavaScript The Language" will be hosted in 2024 by TNG. On April 29th, you can once again experiment, try out and learn. The entire meetup series is very practical - no presentations, just brainstorming, coding, and getting to know JavaScript bzw ECMAScript! The meetup takes place both on site in our office at Arabellastraße 4a and online. Further information and registration can be found here.

May 8th, 2024

Talk @ EnterJS 2024

Micro Frontends are a popular architecture in large projects where there are many teams wanting to develop and release as independently as possible. This does not necessarily mean that a Micro Frontend is the right choice. Cathrin Möller will answer the question of why at the enterJS conference on 7 May. She will illustrate which problems need to be solved and will show successfull strategies for communication, context-transfer, and navigation. For more information click here.

May 8th, 2024

Advanced Developers Conference

At the Advanced Developers Conference, the latest innovations in technology are combined with the dynamics of a soccer stadium. As part of the conference at the Jahnstation in Regensburg, not only do renowned speakers offer insights into their knowledge, but there is also plenty of networking in workshops, sessions and evening events. We are happy that our colleague Jonas Mayer will be representing TNG with a presentation on "The Shitposting AI - An ironic solution for fruitless online discussions" and "Deepfakes at the limit - fake video calls with artificial intelligence". Further information and the registration link can be found here.

May 10th, 2024

Devoxx UK 2024

After a successful participation last year, our colleagues Jonas Mayer, Martin Förtsch and Thomas Endres will again enrich Devoxx UK with their knowledge this year. At this conference, more than 130 speakers will pass on their knowledge over three days. Our colleagues will give the closing keynote on "The AI elections" and discuss how technology could shape public opinion. For more information about the conference click here.

May 16th, 2024

DevSum Conference

After a successful participation last year, TNG will once again be represented at this year's DevSum Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. At its 20th edition, our colleagues Martin Förtsch and Thomas Endres will offer insights into the world of artificial intelligence and prompt engineering with their two presentations "It's all about AI - Promises and Challenges in Computer Vision and NLP" and "From Zero to ChatGPT Hero: Mastering Prompt Engineering" on May 16th. Jonas Mayer and Elias Schecke will also be represented with the talk "AI Lofi HipHop - How Not To Generate AI Music". For more information & tickets, visit the conference website.

May 22nd, 2024

CodeMotion Madrid

After conferences in Germany and the UK, our colleagues from the Innovation Hacking team will continue their talk series on May 21st in Spain. At CodeMotion in Madrid, they will be sharing valuable knowledge about promises and challenges in computer vision and NLP. Of course, there will also be an opportunity to ask questions. We are looking forward to an exciting conference!