News / Events

December 13th, 2023

AI Showcase Expo by TNG

We're experimenting with AI around the world: To show this, TNG ANZ will host an AI Showcase Expo in our office in Melbourne, Australia. Next to innovations for real-time deepfakes we will also present ChatGPT-powered tools like 'please-cli', our new Jira app 'Rock Your Sprint Review', and more in the making. Whether you're from a tech or business background, we've got something for everyone, including hands-on experiences with AI. Of course, there will be enough time for networking and refreshments. We are looking forward to exchanging experiences in using AI and showing our innovations! You can find more information and the registration details here.

December 14th, 2023

IT-Tage 2023

Our colleague Dr. Cathrin Möller will give a talk at this year's "'IT-Tage" on December 10th, 2023 in Frankfurt am Main. In her talk "Why microfrontends do not solve all problems", she will talk about how Angular, as the most popular enterprise JS framework, helps to make working with microfrontends easier. We are looking forward to participating it what promises to be an interesting and informative conference!


February 2nd, 2024

OOP 2024

Microfrontends are a popular concept for development in an enterprise project if a large number of teams want to work independently. But what is the cost of achieving run-time integration and independent framework versions? JS frameworks intended to build SPAs have solved many problems like deep-linking between pages without reloading the application. In her talk at OOP 2024, our collegue Cathrin Möller will give you some real-life experience which challenges need to be considered when using different integration patterns,  webcomponents, module federation, and "classic" libraries. More information can be found here.