News / Events

June 18th, 2024

Cloud Land

The Cloud Native Festival will take place at Phantasialand from June 18th to June 21st. Various speakers will present the possibilities of the cloud in exciting talks, workshops, and barcamp sessions. Our colleagues Martin Förtsch and Thomas Endres will also be there with their talk "From Zero to ChatGPT Hero". Of course, there will be plenty of networking opportunities at numerous (evening) events. Further information and the registration link can be found here.

June 20th, 2024

Talk @ Quality of Multimedia Experience

Our colleague Lorenzo Cocchia has been accepted to the Quality of Multimedia Experience conference for the paper "The Impact of Social Environment and Interaction Focus on User Experience and Social Acceptability of an Augmented Reality Game. Both Lorenzo and his supervisor will be on site in Karlshamn, Sweden from June 18th - 20th to present the results of their work. More information about the conference can be found here.

July 12th, 2024

German Hacking Championship 2024

This year, the largest onsite CTF event in Germany will take place from July 10th - 12th 2024 at Basecamp Bonn. The 36 best participants of the Cyber Security Challenge Germany and the 8 best German student CTF teams of the Cyber Security Rumbles can qualify for the German Hacking Championship. As a Bronze Partner of the championships, TNG will also be represented on site by four of our colleagues at a booth. More information about the event can be found here.

July 19th, 2024

Talk @ Colours of Ostrava

The Colours of Ostrava Festival is a unique event that combines music with talks from the world of science. Besides the classic festival character with a wide variety of artists and bands, the festival also offers a multidisciplinary forum with lectures from areas such as “Future is now”, “Literature & Art” or “Science & Education”. Here, our colleagues Jonas Mayer and Thomas Endres will present their talk “The AI Elections: How GenAI Could Shape Public Sentiment” highlighting the influence of artificial intelligence on public opinion. Further information and the link to the tickets can be found here.

July 31st, 2024

Java Forum Stuttgart

At the annual Java Forum, developers and enthusiasts meet on July 31st to discuss Java and JVM topics in talks and workshops. Martin Förtsch will represent TNG with his talk "AI in Election Campaigns: Influencing Public Opinion", highlighting the potential of AI to influence and manipulate public opinion and its impact on society. Especially in view of the upcoming important elections in several countries, it is crucial to understand how opinions can be distorted. Further information and the registration link can be found here.

September 3rd, 2024

Dokt!OR 2024

On September 3rd, our colleague Alexander Eckl will be at this year's Dokt!OR to present TNG. Dokt!OR is an exclusive part of the OR conference only for PhD students, which will take place at TUM in Munich this year. Alexander will focus on TNG and the work there, general information on doctoral studies and the transition from PhD to consulting. We wish you an informative talk!

September 24th, 2024

Heise DevSec

Security in the software development process is a key issue for all companies and development teams. Christoph Niehoff will address precisely this topic in his talk at Heise DevSec on September 24th. Under the title “How Can My Software Development Become ‘Secure by Design’?”, he will show how security flaws can be avoided using design options. The main focus is on agile DevOps processes. You can find more information and the registration link here.

October 10th, 2024

Talk @ Heise S2N

At Heise S2N, experts from the IT industry meet to discuss challenges and their solutions in the data center and IT environment and to consider strategies and best practices. There will also be a look into the future. Our colleagues Jonas Mayer and Sven Rohr will be present with their talk “How to roll your own AI - AI applications in your own data center” and provide insights into how processes with sensitive data can be accelerated by using your own AI systems. Further information and the registration link can be found here.