Big Techday 11, Mai 18th, 2018

Our Conference on Science and IT.


Preliminarily confirmed speakers are:

Artificial Intelligence: 

  • Dr. Sven Rohr and Henrik KlaggesTNG"Artificial Intelligence in Production"
  • Samuel Hopstock and Thomas EndresTNG, "How Machines Learn to Code - Machine Learning on the Basis of Source Code"

Big Data:

  • Ernst RauchMunich Re, Head Climate & Public Sector Business Development, "Data Analysis and Risk Management in Times of Natural Disasters and Climate Change"
  • Frank ThieleTNG, "Apache Nifi – Open Source ETL Inspired by the NSA"

Big Think Day:

  • Prof. Dr. Steven PinkerHarvard University, "Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress"

IT Security and Data Protection:

  • Dr. Daniel KraschweskiTNG, "Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis & Security by Design"
  • Prof. Dr. Nicolas GisinGroup of Applied Physics (GAP), University of Geneva, co-founder, ID Quantique"Quantum Cryptography - from Basic Research to Industry"


  • Christian Roth, Managing Partner, LEA Partners GmbH, "Leveraging Tech Companies - The Investor’s View"
  • Dr. Eckart Pech, Member of the Board, Allianz Technology SE, "Bridging Technological Disruption 24/7 Operations"

Modern Journalism: 

  • Elisabeth Gamperl and Felix EbertSüddeutsche Zeitung"The Technology behind the Paradise Papers"

Programming Languages:

  • Dominik Schulz, Head of Infrastructure, JustWatch, and Dr. Martin Höfling, TNG, "Gopass & Go"
  • Dr. Lukas TaegertTNG, "Bundling JavaScript: The Good, the Dead and the Ugly Code"

Robotics and Hardware Hacking:

  • Eric Weikl and Dr. Martin IdelTNG"ROS2 - The Robot Operating System Version 2"
  • Martin Förtsch and Thomas EndresTNG, "ParrotAttacks VR - Programming Virtual Reality Games with Unity 3D"
  • Michael Hansmeyer, Architect and Programmer, "Computational Architecture"
  • Simon Haddadin, CEO and Co-founder, FRANKA EMIKA

Software Systems:

  • Franziska Hinkelmann PhDGoogle"The V8 JavaScript Engine"
  • Martin Klenk, Co-founder, Celonis
  • Dr. Steffen Evers, Head of Open Source Services, Bosch Software Innovations, "OpenADx - The Open Source Framework for the Autonomous Driving Tool Chain"

Tools and Methods:

  • Dr. Daniel Pape, TNG, "Using Agile Methods to Build the Lego Millenium Falcon in a World Record Time of Less than 3 Hours"
  • Dr. Gernot Starke, co-founder of and founder of, "Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk - How to Systematically Fight Technical Deficits"
  • Dr. Jens Vorsatz, adidas, and Dr. Kai Engbert, Sportpsychologie München, "Mind Full or Mindful?"
  • Dr. Steffen RathTNG,"Pi times thumb - The Statistics of Estimations in Software Development"

Further 15 talks are in preparation.