FAQs for Big Techday 21

How can I participate in Big Techday?

Participation in the hybrid Big Techday 21 is possible either virtually or on site at the Westin Grand Hotel.

How much does participation in Big Techday cost?

Participation in our Big Techday is free of charge.

How can I register in the Slack workspace?

You can create an account with this link. You are welcome to register and to bookmark you favorite lectures. All further information about Slack will follow automatically after the registration.

I missed a talk. Are recordings of the talks made available afterwards?

We will publish the videos of all talks for which we have received permission from the speakers. The videos can be found on www.bigtechday.com or on YouTube, as soon as the post-processing is complete.

Is the Big Techday on Twitter?

Of course, the Big Techday is also on Twitter: visit our page @tngtech and follow #tngbtd.

Will there also be talks in English?

Each session contains at least one talk in English. You can find this information in our program.

On site participation

What do I need to be aware of regarding the Corona pandemic?

2G+: All participants must show a valid vaccination or recovery certificate as well as a current negative test result (PCR or antigen test; a photo of a self-test taken on the day of the event is also sufficient).

Compulsory wearing of face masks: A medical mask must be worn during the entire event (including on your seat) if the minimum distance of 1.5m cannot be complied with.

Lunch and coffee breaks: A maximum of 10 people may be seated at one table. During lunch, face masks are not compulsory. Masks can also be removed at the bar tables during coffee breaks.

Can I participate on site?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee on site participation, since the current restrictions only allow for a limited number of people in the location. You can register at this link, we will inform you after the completed registration process if you can attend the event on site.

Is there a cloakroom?

A guarded cloakroom is available. Larger items such as suitcases or backpacks can also be stored here.

If I attend on site, which talks can I attend?

Almost all talks can be attended on site. Remote talks will be streamed on site.

How can I ask questions or give feedback for a remote talk?

Questions and feedback on the talk can be submitted via Slack, selected questions will then be read out to the speaker. In addition, there is the possibility to ask questions in person and on camera after reporting to the moderator on site.

Will I be recorded? What happens to image, video and sound recordings?

The audience, whether remote or on site, will not be recorded. However, if you ask your question in front of the camera, you will be recorded and the image and sound recording may be published after the event.

How can I make contact with remote Big Techday participants?

On site participants can use the Slack workspace to get in touch with remote participants to share their impressions of the talks.

Please register and set your name as follows: first name last name (affiliation).

Registration with first and last name and email address is required.

Who can I contact if I have questions during the Big Techday?

You can spot the members of the organising team during the event by our marked name badges. Feel free to talk to us!

If you have any questions about the talk, please contact the moderators present in the room.

Remote participation

Do I have to register?

There is no formal registration for the remote participation in Big Techday.

In order to access a specific talk via zoom.us, you must enter your first name, surname and email address via a registration form. This is an informal process and you will immediately receive a registration confirmation and the link to access the respective webinar.

If you are unable to register, or would prefer not to, you can watch most of the talks as a livestream on YouTube.

Which talks can I attend if I participate remotely?

Almost all talks can be attended remotely.

The talks are offered as zoom.us-webinars with most of the talks also being streamed via YouTube. You can register for a talk in advance. You will then receive a registration confirmation and the link to access the webinar via email.

How can I ask questions or give feedback on a talk?

Questions and feedback about the talk can be shared via Slack. In addition, in the zoom.us-webinar you can also raise your hand virtually and the moderator then has the option to unmute you so that you can ask your question.

Why can't I attend the talk with video and sound and ask my questions directly?

As part of a webinar, only the panelists have the opportunity to use their video and sound. We only allow this functionality to the speakers, the moderators andTNG colleagues.

For security reasons, the other participants are not included in the webinar as panelists, but only as viewers. However, in order to ask a question directly, there is a possibility that the moderator can unmute a single viewer for a short time so that the question can be asked personally. This decision will be made individually.

How can I make contact with other visitors to the Big Techday?

We have set up a Slack workspace as an exchange platform so that visitors of our Big Techday have the opportunity to get in touch with each other and to share their impressions of the talks.

Please register and set your name as follows: first name last name (affiliation).

Registration with first and last name and email address is required.

What are the rules for communication in the webinars and in Slack?

We want to organize a pleasant and safe event for all participants. Therefore, inappropriate questions, troublemakers and haters are not welcome. If there is inappropriate behavior, the person will be blocked as a viewer or removed from the Slack Workspace.

Our recommendations:

  • During the talk: Ask questions in the Slack channel that comes with the talk . Ask short, concise questions if you want to use the opportunity to contribute in the talk. Be polite and respectful.
  • In Slack: Use the right channel and threads within the channels so that communication remains clear. Do not write inappropriate messages to any other participant. Don't harass anyone.

Where can I report if someone is harassing me via Slack?

If you have any complaints, please contact our organising team by clicking on the blue lightning bolt next to the message bar in the Slack channel #foyer and enter your message. This message will be sent to the organising team only and we will remove users found to be harassing others.

What do I do if my employer does not allow the use of zoom.us?

Some of the talks will also be available on YouTube, where you can watch them without zoom.us access.

If the installation of software on the company's hardware is restricted, zoom.us webinar can also be started directly in the browser without downloading. In this case, registration with zoom.us may be required.

Will I be recorded? What happens to image, video and sound recordings? What other data is collected?

When you attend a webinar as a participant (viewer), you are not visible to anybody. Only your name is displayed to the speakers and the discussion participants. For other viewers this information is hidden. If you use the chat, your name is shown.

When unmuting yourself to ask a question personally, your audio is recorded.
The chat history is saved and subsequently available to us. However, we will not publish this content at any time.

Video recordings of viewers are not made.

As part of the registration, we collect email addresses in order to inform the participants about the publication of the videos on our website and/or on YouTube and possibly the date of the next Big Techday. The email addresses will not be used for other purposes.

Who can I contact if something doesn't work?

Questions can be asked via the corresponding Slack Channel #tech_support or emailed to the Virtual Big Techday organization team: bigtechday-orga(at)tngtech.com.