TNG in a Nutshell

TNG Technology Consulting was founded in January 2001 aiming to create an optimal corporate structure for high-qualified specialists with a focus on information technology. To achieve this goal, the founders combined results from operational research with characteristics of established corporate role models, as well as their own ideas. The result is a value-based consulting partnership focused on high-end information technology.

We are fully committed to technical innovation and its implementation for our clients' needs. Thus we have managed to win and keep IT-departments of several large corporations as customers. Our clients are mainly from the telecommunication, insurance and E-commerce sectors, but we also collaborate with companies in the automobile sector, logistics and finance, amongst others.

TNG provides know-how and support in three main areas:

In each area, we offer both consulting services as well as implementation support. Our projects range from the entire software life cycle, over the design of highly available data centers, to projects in business intelligence, and are executed by highly-qualified cross-functional teams. Further details on our services and technologies can be found here.

Facts and Figures

Founded in2001



Annual Growth Approximately20%

Employees with a University Degree99%

Employees with a PhD60%