Open Source at TNG

At TNG we recognize the importance of Free Software. Many of our employees are actively involved in open source projects during their free time or on techdays. TNG also publishes and maintains several open source projects which have either evolved from or were inspired by customer projects.

ArchUnit offers a straightfoward and extensible framework that enables verification of application architecture using simple unit tests. You can check dependencies between packages, classes or layers, look for cyclic dependencies and much more. To achieve this, the framework translates the application's bytecode into a structure of Java classes.

JGiven offers developers a pragmatic tool to write unit tests in a domain-specific language. Using techniques from behavior-driven development, JGiven unit tests focus on the domain to be tested.  JGiven also generates detailed reports that can be read and understood by developers and non-developers alike, helping to identify problems quickly.

More Products

Please visit our GitHub page for an overview of all our open source projects.