We are an "Atlassian Gold Solution Partner".


TNG has been using Atlassian products internally since 2004, and even longer at customer sites. We have been using wikis since 2002, and introduced the enterprise wiki Confluence with great success in 2008. Because of our expertise and experience with these tools, we are an Atlassian Partner since 2007, currently at the level Atlassian Gold Solution Partner. Our dedicated Atlassian Consulting Team supports our customers in the professional use of Atlassian products, thus creating added value for them. TNG employees are also involved in the community having co-founded the Atlassian User Group Munich at the end of 2010.


Confluence is an enterprise wiki that facilitates communication and knowledge sharing within your company. For example, Confluence allows the establishment of a Knowledge Base and the creation of product and development documentation.

Selected Projects

  • Central knowledge platform - At a major corporation we have introduced Confluence as a central knowledge platform.
  • Automation - At an international e-commerce company we have automated the management of multiple testing and staging instances of Confluence. The automation enables the company to provide up-to-date test systems at any given time.
  • Update of an intranet and add-on development - At a nationwide telecommunications company we have updated a Confluence instance used as an intranet. Moreover we have developed special add-ons to meet the needs of an intranet.
  • Requirements documentation and add-on development - At an insurance company we have introduced Confluence as a central tool for creating requirements documents. In addition we have developed add-ons to support the review process.
  • Performance optimization - At an international e-commerce company we have optimized the performance of a Confluence-installation with more than 10,000 users. Furthermore we have advised the company on the selection of hardware.

Jira is a platform that has its origin as a bug tracker. In its current form Jira Software it is also especially suitable for agile software development, our preferred software development methodology. The add-on Jira Service Desk can be used to realize a helpdesk allowing the user to monitor the entire process, from requirement to development, in one tool. Due to its high adaptability, Jira is also suitable for many other workflow-based processes.

Selected Projects

  • Visual representation of agile development processes - At a partner portal we have used Jira for the visual representation of agile development processes and we have shown how different roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master, team) obtain the appropriate view of the overall process.
  • Implementation of business processes and add-on development - At an an insurance company we have introduced Jira to implement the central processes for the user management. By means of usability tests and specially designed add-ons, we have provided a user-friendly solution for the entire enterprise. By parallelization of sub-processes, we have reduced the processing time of an application by an average factor of 5.
  • Change management and add-on development - At a major corporation we have used Jira to visualize the change management.
  • Helpdesk system and add-on development - At an insurance company we have introduced Jira as a helpdesk system. By means of specially developed add-ons we have integrated other systems of the enterprise.
  • Workshops - At a major media company we have conducted a kick-off workshop in order to pave the way for the introduction of Jira.

Bitbucket Server is a git repository manager that supports you in managing your repositories on a central server and provides enterprise features such as simplified code reviews, Active Directory integration and permissions per branch.

Selected Projects

  • Introduction, migration and reorganization - At an international company we have introduced Bitbucket Server for 1000 users. In addition we have automated the management of both the testing and the production instance and we have assisted in the migration and reorganization of the Subversion repositories. Moreover we have developped an add-on to additionally check the committers.
  • Process optimization - At a major media company we have used Bitbucket Server for development thus optimizing the review process.
  • Automation - At TNG we use Bitbucket Server throughout the company for internal projects, particularly for add-on development. Thanks to an automated setup, we can install new versions in a timely manner.

Other Products

We can also assist you with the implementation and administration of the other Atlassian products such as Atlassian Crowd, Fisheye/Crucible or Bamboo.


TNG Technology Consulting stands for professional software development. That is why we have developed a couple of apps for Atlassian products, both for our customers and for ourselves. Many of these extensions are available in the Atlassian Marketplace. We have updated some of our former open source apps and made them ready for Data Center to offer our customers certified stability, best possible performance, as well as excellent support. In order to continue to provide support and to enable the development of Cloud versions, we have commercialized some of these apps. Please refer to our roadmap for Data Center and Cloud for more information.

Commercial Apps (selection):

Individual Apps:

  • Ask us! We support you with your ideas, and are happy to implement them for you.

Our Services

Introduction of Atlassian Products

The introduction of new products in organizations often is a non-trivial change process that needs to be well prepared. We can assist you along the entire process taking care of both technical and -- often even more important -- social issues.

Installation, Updates and Upgrades of Atlassian Products

A professional setup ensures that upgrades and adjustments can be easily performed in the future. Our focus on automating repetitive tasks saves you a lot of time and reduces risk and costs.

Training for Users and Administrators, Workshops

In addition to training sessions where we familiarize users with the basic and advanced features of the products, we also provide training for administrators. Alternatively or in addition, we offer the creation of screencasts, i.e. short videos to illustrate specific topics.

We are happy to conduct workshops to discuss your specific requirements.

Support for Business and Technical Administration

We recommend our customers to establish at least two internal staff members as business and technical contact. We can guide and train them so that eventually most issues can be dealt with internally. In case of doubt or problems, we are of course happy to help you.

License Management

We help you manage your Atlassian licenses by taking care of ordering, managing, and renewing according to requirements.

Custom-made Solutions

You face a particularly complex problem? We are happy to develop custom apps for you. We apply our high standards in software development to our apps as well in order to keep them stable and easy to maintain. In addition to enhancements meeting customer-specific requirements, over the years we have developed several commercial apps, especially for Confluence and Jira. An overview can be found in the Atlassian Marketplace.