On this page, we answer frequently asked questions.

What Does a Typical Workday Look Like

With the exception of Techdays, our employees are usually at the customer site and embedded in their project team. Here, the setting can vary greatly, so there is no typical working day. In some engagements, we are fully responsible for individual projects or features with a large team, in other engagements we are strongly integrated into the existing IT department of the customer. Furthermore, there are is a huge bandwith, starting with one-man projects up to large teams with more than 25 employees from TNG. We try to avoid one-man projects as much as possible; in general, we work in a team, preferably using agile methods.

How Important is Experience in Software Development?

We do not advertise any specific job positions and therefore do not have any focus on individual technologies or programming languages. For us, constant personal development and a love of learning is fundamentally more important than someone having 10 years of experience in a specialized field, which may not allow for flexible planning. On the other hand, the degree of implementation work is quite high in our business, so some development experience definitely will not hurt.

Can I Work at TNG as a Strategy Consultant?

Pure strategic projects or jobs in IT management are rare with TNG. Our recommendations to our clients are usually also implemented by us as well. Therefore, the proportion of implementation is quite high, with roughly 70% of our activities falling into the field of software development. A clear separation between strategy consulting and software development does not exist – everyone enters here as a Software Consultant.

How High is the Workload?

Here at TNG, we take the 40 hour week seriously, so overtime is rare. If some does occur due to project needs, the hours can be compensated with free time or monetarily.

How Frequent is Travel?

Travel is limited to a minimum, due to our project focus on the greater Munich area. This leaves time for family, friends and hobbies – work and private life are balanced.

Is it Possible to Work in Projects Abroad with TNG?

Currently, we have an office in Unterföhring and Munich as well as a small office in Augsburg and Karlsruhe. We also try to keep the projects as local as possible to avoid travel time. Therefore, a foreign assignment with us is difficult to realize.

Is it Possible to Submit an Unsolicited Application at TNG?

Please do! Simply upload your documents here or send us your documents via email: work(at)tngtech.com.

How we handle applicant data can be found here.