On this page, we answer frequently asked questions.

How Can I Join TNG?

Most new colleagues join as software consultants after their studies, doctoral studies, or gaining initial professional experience. As software consultant, you will be responsible for developing software for our clients and providing them with valuable advice. Alternatively, you may also consider joining TNG as an intern or working student. Additionally, there are opportunities to be part of our internal departments, such as Recruiting, Finance, People & Events, Communications, and Operations.

How Important Is Experience in Software Development?

At TNG, we do not have specific requirements for individual technologies or programming languages as they pertain to specific projects. What matters most to us is the flexibility of our colleagues. Therefore, we value a commitment to continuous learning more than deep expertise in a particular field. However, we do prefer candidates who have some prior experience in software development to ensure they can handle the implementation aspects of our projects efficiently.

How Does a Typical Working Day Look Like?

Apart from the Techdays, our software consultants are usually embedded in their project team at the client. The majority of their working time is dedicated to software development. Since each project can vary greatly, there is no definitive "typical" working day. Some assignments involve full responsibility for individual projects or features within a large team, while others entail close integration with the client's existing IT department.

The size of the team can also vary significantly, ranging from large projects with over 100 TNGers to small teams or even solo projects. One-person projects are the exception, and we usually divide large teams into smaller subteams. Whenever possible, we adopt an agile approach to project work. The location of work depends on the project requirements and personal preference. Our Consultants work both remotely and locally in our offices, or at client sites.

Where Can I Work For TNG in Germany and Abroad?

TNG offers long-term assignments at all of our locations in Germany and abroad. We also allow temporary work from other, primarily European countries, although international assignments depend on individual circumstances. As much as possible, we strive to keep projects local to minimize travel requirements for our team members. However, remote work has proven successful for us, and we have developed a strong level of trust at our client projects. Therefore, we warmly welcome new colleagues who are interested in a permanent remote work arrangement, provided they reside in one of our location countries.

How Is Mobile Working Enabled at TNG?

We enable mobile working based on project requirements and individual preferences. Depending on these factors, our team members may work remotely, at the client's site, or at TNG's office premises. Our Techdays also take place in a hybrid setting, allowing colleagues to participate either remotely or on-site at one of our office locations. TNG also supports events that bring the team together in person even during distributed teamwork. To facilitate proper work outside of TNG offices, we provide necessary equipment such as screens, headsets, and webcams.

What Is the Workload Like?

We take the concept of a 40-hour workweek seriously at TNG, and overtime is not the norm. In cases where project demands may result in overtime, we offer compensation in the form of additional time off or payment.

How Are Projects Assigned at TNG?

During the application process, we gather information about your background and expertise, allowing us to build a comprehensive understanding of your knowledge and abilities. We also consider any personal wishes or preferences you express during our discussions. This information is then matched with the current project needs and organizational requirements, such as your preferred place of work. Our goal is to find the best possible fit between your profile and our project situation.

How Long Will I Work as a Software Consultant on a Given Client Project?

While our client projects often last for multiple years, it doesn't necessarily mean that consultants stay on a single project for its entire duration. Usually, a project change is planned after approximately two to three years. However, this may vary depending on the specific client project and the individual preferences of our consultants. As a rule, our consultants focus on one project at a time rather than working on multiple projects in parallel.

Can I Work as a Strategy Consultant at TNG?

At TNG, purely strategic projects or roles in IT management are rare. We typically provide recommendations to our clients and also implement them ourselves. Therefore, there is a significant emphasis on implementation, and there isn't a strict separation between consulting and software development roles.

What Are the Training Opportunities at TNG?

We offer various training opportunities to support continuous learning and development. Each consultant attends our Techdays up to twice a month. These events feature lectures and workshops conducted by both our employees and external speakers. We also organize regular, multi-day retreats that provide an environment outside of the office to focus on technical and strategic topics, as well as networking across projects. Additionally, we encourage participation in external training, conferences, and certifications.

Up to 10% of all working hours is reserved for training. Alongside these opportunities, our employees also learn through hands-on experience in projects, utilizing practices such as pair programming and code reviews.

Is it Possible to Submit an Unsolicited Application at TNG?

Absolutely, we welcome unsolicited applications! Apply directly here or send your application to work(at)tngtech.com.

For information on how we handle applicant data, please refer to the details here.