TNG provides services in three main areas: Agile Software DevelopmentArtificial Intelligence and DevOps & Cloud. In each area, we work both as implementors and consultants.

We staff projects with highly qualified, tailored, cross-functional teams, of the appropriate size and of levels of expertise across relevant areas. Even for smaller teams, the know-how of the TNG network is readily accessible to ensure that the required competences are available in all project phases, from start to finish.


  • Execution of development projects with up to 10 parallel Scrum teams

  • Analysis, design, implementation, testing, tuning, operations and maintenance

  • Enterprise Java as well as C++, C#, Go, JavaScript / TypeScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python and Scala

  • Architectures from 3-tiers to microservices, DDD


  • Introduction and optimization of agile development processes such as Kanban & Scrum, Agile Migration, SAFe

  • Introduction of tools such as CI/CD and Atlassian

  • Code reviews, technical due diligences, verification and data protection

  • Refactoring and modernization of large software systems


  • Machine learning for industrial applications such as quality control, predictive costing and autonomous driving

  • Computer vision and natural language processing, ROS2

  • Deep learning, reinforcement learning

  • Integration with business intelligence and big data systems

  • Deployment of cloud-based AI services and AI-lets


  • Choice, validation and hardening of AI models

  • Development, composition and tuning of learning algorithms

  • Handling of training data and simulation

  • Internet of Smart Things / IoST


  • Design, Deployment and Migration of large infrastructures into the cloud

  • Monitoring of networks, services and operating data

  • End-to-end automation including continuous integration and delivery

  • Setup and operation of company-wide data lakes and data hubs


  • Strategies for the introduction of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering

  • Management of providers and outsourcers

  • Cost and structure optimization

  • Security audits