How to Apply

On this page you can find an overview of our application process, starting with your written application up until your possible entry at TNG. For questions concerning your application you may contact us via phone any time: +49 89 2158 996-6.

Extent of the Written Application

Recommended Documents

Please send us the following documents, if available, in electronic form:

  • complete CV
  • references from previous employers
  • college or university diploma with all individual grades
  • references from internships
  • high school diploma with all individual grades
  • cover letter not mandatory 


Try to give a complete overview of your abilities. Please also mention exotic ("spinlocks in the Linux kernel") or seemingly outdated technologies (e.g. Pascal) with which you are adept. Information on soft- and management skills is much appreciated as well.

Degree of Experience

Please try to rate your abilities in your fields of knowlege in five levels (e.g. "JavaScript: 4, C++: 1, project management for team sizes up to 4: 2").

  • Level 1/"basic knowledge" means that you are familiar with the main concepts and have a rough overview of the subject.
  • Level 2/"basic knowledge and personal experience in projects" means that you have first experience in this field and would be able to work productively within a short period of training.
  • Level 3/"extensive experience in projects" means that you are able to answer most of the questions from everyday work life about this subject and have been working in this field for a longer period and/or several times.
  • Level 4/"in-depth expert knowledge" You achieve this level when you have not only been working extensively and intensively on the subject, but also have meta-knowledge, know concepts and philosophies and are able to contextualize it with other subjects.
  • Level 5/"guru" means exactly this – you are a guru in this field and can precisely answer all our questions on this subject.

Electronic Form

All applications including transcripts may be uploaded here or emailed to work(at) We recommend that the mail size should not exceed 10 MB. Usually, you will hear back from us within the first five to seven working days.


In case you want to send us your application documents in encrypted form, you will receive our public GPG key on request.

How we handle applicant data can be found here.

Job Interview

If your application piques our interest, we will invite you to a job interview. This can take place either virtually or face-to-face in one of our offices. Usually, the interview happens one to two weeks after our first feedback.

Time Frame

A phone interview lasts for about an hour. If successful, you will be invited to a second, somewhat longer interview. When applying for a permanent position, the job interview lasts approximately three to four hours (including breaks) either virtually or on-site, so please plan accordingly. Directly after the interview, you will receive some feedback from us. When applying for an internship position, the interview usually lasts between 1.5 and two hours.


Besides your CV and past IT experience and projects, we will also talk a lot about technical topics. IT questions, brainteasers, and programming tasks will be presented, among others. These will always relate to relevant entries in your skill profile. If you want, you can also bring  along your own laptop and show us some examples of your own code. During virtual interviews, an online tool is always used for coding.

Of course, you will also be able to ask any questions you may have regarding TNG.


Usually, two to five TNG employees will take part in a job interview, and one to two employees in a telephone interview.

Starting at TNG

Having mastered our application process successfully and after dealing with the contractual aspects, we are happy to welcome you on board of TNG!

The First Days

On your first day with us you will receive your working equipment (laptop and mobile phone as you wish, see also Our Offer), that you can configure according to your personal needs. After a collective lunch, we will go through our introductory guide for project work and all processes at TNG. Of course, we will also answer all of your questions. The days thereafter will consist of a technical job training, based on your individual knowledge. New employees usually join their client project after the first few days of internal onboarding and are trained in the team there.