Artificial Intelligence

This is a summary of the services we provide within the artificial intelligence branch.

Machine learning for industrial applications

  • Computer vision with face recognition, image decomposition and object classification in images and video streams
  • Tool development for autonomous driving
  • Predictive costing in global supply chains
  • Choice, validation and hardening of AI models, comparison to the current state of research, benchmarking
  • Execution of client projects from the AI proof-of-concept all the way to production

Deep learning, reinforcement learning

  • Deep Learning with all relevant frameworks such as Caffe2, TensorFlow and Theano
  • Implementation of AI components in Python, Java, C++ and C#
  • Development, composition and tuning of learning algorithms for specific usage scenarios
  • Handling of training data and simulation on local training hardware or in GPU clouds, development of simulation models
  • Integration of AI components into classical business intelligence and Big Data systems such as Apache Flink

Internet of Smart Things

  • Development of AI-applications for IoT devices such as distributed cameras and other sensors
  • Co-development of the Robot Operating System version 2 (ROS2), development of ROS/ROS2-applications
  • Prototype development of augmented reality-hardware with the Oculus Rift and Hololens

Cloud-based AI

  • Development and deployment of efficient, client-customized AI modules in the cloud
  • Optimization of the protection of intellectual property and personal data in AI cloud services
  • Deployment von AI functionality in compressed AI-lets