We solve hard IT problems.


TNG Technology Consulting

is a values-based consulting partnership focused on high end information technology.

We support our clients with state-of-the-art tools and innovative ideas. Our mission is to analyze and solve the strategic or routine IT problems our clients have.

By relying on teamwork and fast communication, each client can access the whole pool of company expertise.

We hire only the best experts. Our people have the freedom to grow and the responsibility to do so. We believe that a rational cooperation between ourselves and our clients is both achievable and mutually beneficial.

„[With TNG,] we have made more progress in 4 weeks than they have in 4 years." (Senior manager of a Californian global market leader)




  • Execution of development projects with up to 10 parallel Scrum teams

  • Analysis, design, implementation, testing, tuning, operations and maintenance

  • Enterprise Java as well as C++, C#, Go, JavaScript / TypeScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python and Scala

  • Architectures from 3-tiers to microservices, DDD


  • Introduction and optimization of agile development processes such as Kanban & Scrum, Agile Migration, SAFe

  • Introduction of tools such as CI/CD and Atlassian

  • Code reviews, technical due diligences, verification and data protection

  • Refactoring and modernization of large software systems


  • Machine learning for industrial applications such as quality control, predictive costing and autonomous driving

  • Computer vision and natural language processing, ROS2

  • Deep learning, reinforcement learning

  • Integration with business intelligence and big data systems

  • Deployment of cloud-based AI services and AI-lets


  • Choice, validation and hardening of AI models

  • Development, composition and tuning of learning algorithms

  • Handling of training data and simulation

  • Internet of Smart Things / IoST


  • Design, Deployment and Migration of large infrastructures into the cloud

  • Monitoring of networks, services and operating data

  • End-to-end automation including continuous integration and delivery

  • Setup and operation of company-wide data lakes and data hubs


  • Strategies for the introduction of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering

  • Management of providers and outsourcers

  • Cost and structure optimization

  • Security audits



At Big Techday 24, our speaker and world-class speed puzzler Chiara Dellantonio was in action twice. After her talk "How I Ended Up Being So Puzzled", in which she...

July 11th, 2024

Big Techday 24

Our Big Techday 24 – the biggest BTD so far – was a huge success.

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of welcoming roughly 1,500 guests to our conference on science and IT at...



Our colleague Christian Jarvers will be holding a session from July 16th to 18th at an internal event organized by his department. The session will focus on career paths (such as...

As part of the WeAreDevelopers World Congress from July 17th to 19th in Berlin, TNG will be represented multiple times: Our colleagues Thomas Endres and Martin Förtsch will kick...


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