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July 2018

Migration of RViz to ROS 2

TNG migrated the open source project RViz ( from ROS 1 to ROS 2 ( for a large automotive supplier. RViz is the main visualization tool for ROS and reached production readiness for the ROS 2 release Bouncy Bolson (3 July 2018) with the migration of most of the functionality and stable APIs.

June 2018

Conference and User Group Talks

Two colleagues gave the lecture "Beam me up - Holographic telepresence using the Hololens" at the CodeMotion Amsterdam 2018. TNG was also present at the DWX Developer Week in Nuremberg with this lecture and the talk "A Practical Guide to Distributed Stream Processing".

Colleagues also gave talks at various User Groups, for instance "Architecture Documentation" at the Software Architecture Munich Meetup and "Advanced Package Management" at the Munich and Augsburg PHP User Groups.

June 2018

Development of ArchUnit

TNG is driving the development of the Open Source project ArchUnit, which has already featured in the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar ( ArchUnit enables creation of unit tests to assess compliance with architecture rules. It also supports incremental progress towards architecture conformance when overhauling legacy projects. Two recent articles on ArchUnit by TNG colleagues are now available (in German): and

June 2018

LEGO Millenium Falcon World Record

Inspired by the Heise Livestream, a team of 27 TNG colleages set a new record of 2h 09min 54sec for the construction of the largest Lego set ever produced.

The attained frequency of just under one brick per second was achieved with careful planning. The "Product Owner" created a dependency graph over all 17 packets of the set and, based on that, created stories to be worked on independently by the building teams during the Legothon. Retrospectives and a review process reduced the error rate still further.

The current best time of 6:18:15 was reduced by almost two thirds, although with an unlimited team size.

May 2018

Rule Engine Optimization

We suggested and implemented a performance optimization for the important new customer area of the central rule engine for offer creation and processing in a customer management system. Measurements in the production system for our client, a leading telecommunications provider, showed a performance improvement of between 20 and 40 percent.

May 2018

Technology Migration for FinTech

TNG successfully delivered the first release for a leading FinTech client. The project involved a technology migration using the strangler pattern. In contrast to a complete redesign, the existing code is replaced step by step, without temporarily losing functionality. The software was rolled out without any hitches and the code is already being used actively by the client.

May 2018

Introduction of SAFe

An international manufacturer of household appliances introduced SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) to bring products to market quicker and in a more focused way. This transformation affected not only software development in distributed cross functional teams, but also higher levels such as product and portfolio management.

As well as taking on responsibility in development teams for the new Agile Release Train, TNG also provided experienced Scrum Masters to accompany individual development teams.

April 2018


Two of our colleagues gave a talk on the topic "Distributed Stream Processing - a Guide for Use in Practice" at the parallel 2018 in Heidelberg. TNG also attended the Javaland in Brühl near Köln, the GOTO Meeting in Amsterdam and the TeqNation in Utrecht with the lecture "Beam me up - Holographic telepresence using the Hololens". A colleague gave a lecture "Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis & Security by Design" at the Safety & Security 2018 in Munich. TNG was also present at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco with the showcase "ParrotAttacks VR" in the Intel booth.

TNG also organized and hosted the Kaggle Meetup Munich and contributed the lecture "A table soccer machine that learns how to play using artificial intelligence" to the Deep Learning Meetup.

February 2018

Talks and Sponsorship

TNG was present at the Munich Nerd Nite with the Avatar Project, and the IntelBuzzWorkshop for Game Development in Berlin with the talk "Beam me up - Holographic telepresence using the Hololens". TNG sponsored the BobKonf 2018 in Berlin and gave a lecture on Akka Streams, as well as a workshop "Terminal GUIs with Haskell". A colleague gave a talk "Testing outside the Test Pyramid" at the Tech'n'Drinks in Munich.

TNG was present at the Atlassian booth and with three showcases at the Intel booth at the OOP 2018 in Munich. We gave talks on "Clear and Efficient Requirements Management with Atlassian Tools" and "Beam me up - Holographic telepresence using the Hololens". At the OOP TechFair colleagues presented new showcases from the TNG Hardware Hacking Team.

We also organized various User Groups, including Software Architecture Munich, Design Thinking Munich and the Munich Atlassian User Group.

December 2017


Some of our colleagues gave a talk on the topic "Avatar - Telepresence robotics with Nao and Kinect" at the CodeEurope in Warsaw. A colleague also gave a talk on Spring versus Weblogic at the Java User Group Munich.

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