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November 2016

Talks and Sponsorship

TNG employees gave talks at various conferences: "Functional and low-level: watching the STG execute" at the Haskell Exchange in London, "Avatar - Telepresence robotics with Nao and Kinect" at the ChartaCloud Nao World Congress in the NERVE Center at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, "Scaled Agile Software Development in Practice" at the W-JAX 2016 in Munich, "Behaviour-Driven Development in Java with JGiven" at the Devoxx Belgium in Antwerp. We also gave a keynote lecture at the graduation party for students of Computer Science at the LMU Munich on the topic "Computer Science, Time and Responsibility".

We helped to organize the PHP User Group and Design Thinking Munich, as well holding a talk and kata on "JGiven - a BDD Framework for Java". We also sponsored the Lean Startup Machine.

November 2016

Digital Transformation

TNG gave an interview on the topic Digital Transformation

November 2016

AWS | CloudFront | Lambda

We helped a customer in the eCommerce sector to host catalogue images in the cloud, dealing with data in the order of terabytes. The technologies used included AWS (S3, CloudFront, Lambda, SQS), Spring Boot and Cassandra.

November 2016

Business Intelligence

We held a talk on the topic Business Intelligence (BI) together with one of our clients at the TDWI ( roundtable in Leipzig.

October 2016


TNG gave talks at several conferences: "JGiven: Pragmatic BDD for Java" at the JavaOne in San Francisco, "Avatar - Telepresence robotics with Nao and Kinect" at the Nao World Congress in Lowell, Massachusetts, "See like a terminator – Augmented Reality with Oculus Rift" at the IoT Conference in Berlin and "Large-Scale Anonymization at Telefonica Germany powered by Apache Flink" at the Berlin Flink Forward 2016.

We also organized the first Software Architecture Munich Meetup event.

October 2016

Spring Boot | Pull Request

Spring Boot accepted the pull request that we created for one of our customers.

August 2016

Sponsoring and Talks

As in previous years TNG sponsored the Java Forum Stuttgart again in 2016, attended with a large number of people and gave a talk on "Spark vs. Flink". Furthermore, we sponsored the SoCraTes in Soltau and supported the organization of the event.

At the Flink Meetup Munich two of our employees gave a talk on "Flink in Production: Lessons Learned."

August 2016

Modern Customer Portal for eCommerce provider

We supported an eCommerce provider in the migration of more than a million customers to a new customer self-service portal. The new portal comprises a single-page application (SPA) in JavaScript that accesses the Java backend via a Hypermedia REST API (HATEOAS). Parts of the existing portal were integrated into the new portal to retain the complete functionality in corner cases.

July 2016

Relaunch and migration of an eCommerce shop

We fully integrated an acquired eCommerce store into an existing Hybris shop system, migrating the complete customer account data, including addresses and vouchers. The goal: to allow expansion of the international customer base. The migration was performed without any need for downtime in the target shop, with the fully automated Hybris import running on multiple servers. By migrating the password-encoding algorithm, the migration was also transparent for customers. CMS content and individual icon sprites allow the new integrated shop to be individually branded.

June 2016

Big Techday and Talks

Our annual conference on science and IT, the Big Techday 9, took place on 3 June 2016 in the Westin Grand with over 30 lectures.

TNG employees were present at the TechTalents Meetup with the talk "See like a Terminator – Augmented Reality with Oculus Rift". One of our partners gave a talk "Agile Documentation – interactive and useful" at the Munich group of the German Informatics Society.

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