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June 2016

Big Techday and Talks

Our annual conference on science and IT, the Big Techday 9, took place on 3 June 2016 in the Westin Grand with over 30 lectures.

TNG employees were present at the TechTalents Meetup with the talk "See like a Terminator – Augmented Reality with Oculus Rift". One of our partners gave a talk "Agile Documentation – interactive and useful" at the Munich group of the German Informatics Society.

April 2016


Our hardware hacking team took the talk "See like a Terminator - Augmented Reality with the Oculus Rift" to the JavaLand conference and JavaLand Nighthacking at Phantasialand in Brühl, the CeBIT Developer World in Hannover (including an interview with Sascha Pallenberg in the CeBIT Techlounge), Virtual Reality With the Best, Munich's Nerd Nite and the IoT Tech Day 2016 in Utrecht.

One of our employees held a lecture on the topic "Asynchronous Programming with RxJava" at the Munich Java User Group. Another colleague gave a talk "i3 - Efficient Workflow on the UNIX Desktop with a Tiling Window Manager" at the Augsburg Linux User Group. Two employees contributed to the Munich Hadoop & Spark User Group with their lecture "Spark v. Flink".

April 2016

B2B online shop relaunch

We completely rebuilt the online shop for a restaurant supplies wholesaler on the basis of the Hybris Commerce Accelerator, migrating existing data from the old system. This both eradicated technical debt and laid the foundations for a significant increase in non-food products. We supported this extension by adapting the various backend systems to the requirements of a very heterogeneous product range. The new online shop features completely reworked user experience with responsive design and navigation optimized for the product range, as well as improved maintenance of editorial content.

March 2016

SW360 and FOSSology

SW360 is a software component catalogue application developed by TNG. Recently, we updated SW360 to Java8 and newer versions of Tomcat, Liferay, Thrift and others. We made code and deployment ready for publication on github and developed new features.

Also the open source license scanner FOSSology has been further improved. For parts of it, we cooperated with the Linux Foundation.

March 2016

Modern Routing for Legacy PHP Application

We replaced the existing static routing in a PHP customer portal for a telecommunications company. The new implementation uses a URL-based routing layer based on the Symfony framework. This enables our customer to define meaningful URLs, simplifying end customers' experience and further optimizing pages for search engines.

February 2016

Sponsoring and Talks

Two employees gave a talk "Behaviour Driven Development in large projects" at the regional group of the German Informatics Society. Two employees gave the keynote lecture on the topic "See like a Terminator – Augmented Reality with the Oculus Rift" and one of our partners held a talk entitled "Agile Dokumentation – interactive and useful" at the OOP conference.

We also sponsored a workshop weekend on the topic "Node.js for embedded systems". We hosted Design Thinking Munich at TNG.

A team of six consultants was present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with several gesture control and augmented reality demos.

January 2016

Sponsoring and Talks

Two of our employees gave a talk entitled "Acceptance tested from the start - Behaviour Driven Development in large projects" at the Software Quailty Days 2016 in Vienna.

TNG sponsored and hosted the PHP User Group and gave a talk on "micropython" at the Python User Group. Two employees gave a lecture on BadUSB devices at the TUM as part of a lecture series on IT security.

December 2015

Sponsoring and Talks

A TNG Managing Partner held a talk on "Big Data in Marketing" on December 2 at the Munich Chamber of Commerce.

TNG sponsored and hosted the Deep Learning Meetup and the Munich Node.js User Group. We also helped to organize the Munich Atlassian User Group and held several talks there.

November 2015

Sponsoring and Talks

TNG sponsored the Lean Kanban Central Europe (LKCE) in Munich (16-17 November) and the XP Days Germany 2015 in Karlsruhe (26-28 November), where one of our employees gave a talk "JGiven: a developer-friendly BDD framework for Java".

We spoke on the themes "PHP profiling and common performance hotspots" and "BDD with Behat - an introduction" at the PHP user group in Munich. One of our employees gave a talk "JavaScript Engines under the hood" at the Nodeconf in Barcelona.

We also helped to organize a meeting at "Design Thinking Munich" and were present at several recruiting events.

November 2015

Open Source Publication

A JSON schema generator for REST interfaces, developed in co-operation with a customer using Jersey and Java 8, was published as an open source project on Github: The software flexibly supplies REST resources with HATEOAS support. The definitions of links and rights are configured directly in the Java code.

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