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January 2021

Big Techday 2021 – now in autumn

Since 2007 TNG has organised the Big Techday: an annual science and technology conference with a focus on IT. There will definitely be a Big Techday in 2021 as well. But it will be postponed from May to September 2021, so that there is a better chance of it - at least partly - taking place in person. In any case, TNG is determined to make it a fantastic event with many diverse and fascinating talks.

December 2020

TNG sponsors Advent of Code

Puzzle Advent calendars are all the rage - and so is the Advent of Code, an Advent calendar with small algorithmic puzzles. A number of colleagues use the daily challenges as finger exercises or to learn a new programming language. We even have an internal leaderboard that shows who was the first to find the correct solutions. So it is only natural that TNG help support the Advent of Code as a sponsor. Eric Wastl, the brains behind the Advent calendar, was a speaker at our Big Techday 2019. Have you cracked all the puzzles yet?

December 2020

Every year at TNG...

...we celebrate the Christmas season together with good food. In addition to a big Christmas party, there is traditionally a japanese themed Techday with delicious sushi and the board game "Go". Like so many things this year, we have also moved these traditions to the virtual world. On December 4th we celebrated the first virtual Christmas Techday and spared no effort: Sushi or Bavarian snacks were delivered to all TNG colleagues for a virtual lunch together. Afterwards there was a holiday speech by our partners. The traditional "Go lecture" with the opportunity to try your hand at the game was also a must this year. To round off the event, there were many leisure activities in the evening. Our event location was once again our Virtual Office - this time in a festive design. The different activities ranged from a virtual Art Night, to baking cookies and various tastings.

December 2020

TNG in times of COVID-19

Even in these difficult times the TNG employees gave everything and made the most of the current situation by using virtual formats for lectures and events. Two of our colleagues presented "Deepfakes 2.0 – How neural networks change the world" at various conferences, such as the Java Forum Stuttgart, as well as on the TV program WDR reporter. In summer the JungChemikerForum was pleased to host TNG for the lecture "Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry". At the beginning of autumn we topped it off and were not only part of the EnterJS but also of the Developer Week, one of the largest independent developer conferences in Europe, with the lecture "Automated Testing of an Angular Application".

November 2020

TNG is Intel® oneAPI Technology Partner

TNG is now officially the first German Intel® oneAPI Technology Partner. We support Intel® in the area of Artificial Intelligence and help companies to implement and roll out projects utilizing oneAPI on various hardware. The advantage of oneAPI: Write your software once and deploy it not only on CPUs but also on GPUs, FPGAs, TPUs and other acceleration hardware.

TNG can also support your oneAPI project. We have many years of AI experience and have successfully implemented projects with this new technology. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

October 2020

Audience award for our colleague

Sport and computer science don't really go together? On the contrary! The conference Spinfortec2020 brought those two disciplines together, and featured a talk given by one of our colleagues, Marc Schuh, who is on the one hand a competitive athlete, and on the other a computer scientist. He presented one of the TNG Innovation Hacking Team's exciting projects at this year's iteration of the conference, in which he explained how the technical analysis for professional athletes, supported by video, can be enhanced and automated with computer vision and artificial intelligence.

The talk was so well received by the participants that Marc won the audience award, and moreover by a significant margin. We are pleased and proud to celebrate his distinction and are grateful to our partner, the Olympiastützpunkt Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar for their support in this fascinating project.

Curious to learn more? Then take a look at our Big Techday talk on the Kanu KI Analyser. Our playlist also has links to lots of other interesting talks.

July 2020

TNG is a Slack Services Partner

Now it's official: we are the first Slack Services Partner in the German speaking regions of Europe! We are excited to support customers in their integration challenges with tailored apps and slick integration solutions for the popular communication platform. We'll help you to embed Slack into your different systems and workflows - according to your needs. Agilely and sustainably.

Are you facing a complex challenge or are you looking for a specific solution? Get in touch! You can find details about our cooperation with Slack and contact information here.

July 2020

Strategic corporate events in times of Corona - our summer retreat 2020

Continuous, strategic development is so important to us at TNG that we organize a strategy retreat once a year in summer. We do so with all of our colleagues, because we are proud of all of them and want to integrate their knowledge and skills in the best way possible. Accordingly, on this day we distribute strategic information and exchange innovative ideas, as well as reflect collectively on TNG within the framework of open space or bar camp sessions.

In addition to the lively discussions and diverse opportunities for socializing, our summer retreat has so far been shaped by summer sun, summit lights, whirlpool fun, and alpine hotel rooms. Because of Corona, however, it was not possible to repeat it in this form. But did we let that stop us?

Of course not! Without missing a beat, we virtualized our summer retreat 2020 and conducted it remotely - with great success.

If you would like to learn more about the concept and technical implementation, you can find two detailed articles (in German) on our first remote summer retreat on LinkedIn. We are looking forward to your comments, ideas and the exchange of experiences. Follow us on LinkedIn and stay tuned!

June 2020

JHipster at TNG

A recent workshop with JHipster Core Developer David Steiman ensured that a number of our consultants can optimally support our clients and are up to date with the state of the art in JHipster, in keeping with TNG's ethos of continued professional development for all colleagues, even during the Corona crisis. JHipster is one of the Java world's most popular code generators, and sees much activity on GitHub as well as being used by many companies. The workshop covered topics such as fast realisation of proof-of-concepts and sketching of microservice landscapes. Particularly central was the question of how applications can be developed so as to avoid maintenance-heavy JHipster upgrades.

The workshop took place before Big Techday 2020, under whose auspices David Steiman, together with Frederik Hahne, presented a talk on the JHipster Development Platform. The talk is available on YouTube (in German).

May 2020

Big Techday talks now available online

Were you unable to attend the Virtual Big Techday on May 8th? Missed a talk? Or was there a talk so good you want to watch it again? Many talks are now online in our YouTube playlist. From A ("Autonomous Football Robots in the RoboCup Small Size League") to Z ( "Wie Zahlen Farben Schaffen - How Numbers Create Colours") you'll find it all there. Happy Watching!

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