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August 2017

Extension of a Contract Termination Predictor

We assisted a telecommunications provider in extending a contract termination predictor originally developed by us. The predictor calculates the likelihood that private customers will terminate their contract within the next 100 days. As well as the general customer and contract infomation used previously, new events such as customer service contacts and shop visits are included in the expanded prognosis. This delivers more precise information to customer service centre and point-of-sales agents about the strength of the customer relationship, allowing even better personalized customer care.

July 2017

Company Growth

TNG was ranked 736 in the FT1000 list of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

The well-known British newspaper compared tens of thousands of companies across the whole of Europe with an annual turnover of at least €1.5m. The list recognizes the companies showing the highest sustained growth over three years.

July 2017

Publication of a White Paper on Data Protection and Big Data

On 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in all EU member states. At the same time, many German and European companies have a growing interest – in the age of Google and Facebook etc – in the commercial use of this omnipresent personal data. Current Big Data technologies, in combination with modern cryptographic techniques reaching far beyond simple encryption, allow in-depth analysis and profitable use of large amounts of data without violating individuals' privacy.

We summarized our approach to these topics in a <link en for-clients services datenschutzmethoden.html>white paper (German only) that includes an in-depth interview with Professor Dr Gregor Thüsing, University of Bonn, about the legal background. The white paper was published as part of the Big Techday 10.

July 2017

Big Data in the Telecommunication Sector

We supported a large German telecommunications provider in the planning, development and operation of a performance critical application. The Apache Flink and Hadoop Data Platform based application is used for invoice generation as well as to categorize and process mobile network events. For simple use, the application offers a lightweight single page frontend using Vue.js and TypeScript.

July 2017

Application Server Upgrade

We performed an upgrade of the application server at a large telecommunications company, replacing the old WebLogic 12.1.2 with the current 12.2.1 version. The most important effect was a substantial reduction in response times on all external interfaces. Behind the scenes we adapted the system to make further upgrades significantly easier.

May 2017

Innovator in Application Operations Teams

We supported an application operations team in the financial sector by rejuvenating or decommissioning old core applications. We used automated configuration management (Puppet), updated OS and application frameworks, standardized and simplified scripts and configuration for a maintainable, environment-indepedent layout.

As well as reworking application monitoring (Check_MK), we created structured operational manuals using Confluence templates and trained internal employees.

We evaluated new technologies (such as Elastic Stack 5), implemented proof-of-concept applications and supported developers with the introduction of the frameworks into existing applications.

April 2017

Rejuvenation of a Legacy Application

After five years of stabilizing, consolidating and developing a monolithic Java backend application for a large telecommunications company, we opened a new chapter in the system architecture during the development of an important new feature. The feature was conceived and implemented from the start as a microservice, communicating with the existing application via REST. We introduced Hibernate as ORM: a further improvement on the existing, custom-developed data access layer. For the build system we replaced ant with gradle. The effect is a significant modernization of the legacy system landscape, in terms of both architecture and technology.

April 2017

Major Upgrade

We upgraded the basic platform for an eCommerce client. This platform forms the heart of the application, offering solutions for customer and production managements as well as the possibility to model the entire commercial process.

As well as migrating the database to be able to meet new requirements, we performed the necessary adaptations to the interfaces of the Java application running on the platform platform. This enabled a modern software configuration with more up-to-date versions for Tomcat, Spring and Java.

March 2017

Poker "Brains versus AI"

From 11-31 January in Pittsburgh, four of the world's best players played in a no-limit Texas Hold'em Poker tournament against an AI, "Libratus", developed at the Carnegie Mellon University. Libratus won the tournament, which TNG sponsored, by a large margin, marking a milestone in the history of artificial intelligence.

February 2017

Articles in Technology Blog Heise Developer Online

TNG employees contributed two articles to the important German technology blog Heise Developer Online: an Article on the Big Data technologies Apache Spark and Apache Flink in the summer and, together with one of our clients, an Article on REST with HATEOAS in December. The latter reached 14th place amongst the most read articles of the year 2016.

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