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January 2022

TNG out and about

2021 - another year of digital innovations. In the second half of the year our employees continued to participate in several virtual lectures and conferences where they could exchange viewpoints, further their own knowledge, and share their know-how with others. Two topics, "deepfakes" and the impact of neural networks on our world, continue to enjoy great popularity and were presented by three of our colleagues at various events such as the IT-Days and DevDays Europe. In autumn we were represented at the Flink Forward Global conference with the presentation "Using Flink SQL on Ververica Platform". In addition, our colleagues were once again delighted to welcome a very interested audience at Developer Week, one of the largest independent developer conferences in Europe. At the end of the year, TNG presented "The making of VimR" at two conferences and gave a short demonstration of the app.

January 2022

Game Days at Elli

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." If you believe Murphy's Law, you understand the need to prepare for a crisis situation. TNG has done this together with our client Elli, a provider of electric mobility solutions in the Volkswagen Group, through "Game Days", held most recently in July 2021 for over 50 people.

These training days introduce a fun, collaborative way to upskill engineers on incident handling and find holes in infrastructure and processes. Engineers face real incidents, prepared on production-like systems, and have the chance to practice analyzing and fixing a variety of issues in a realistic, hands-on setting.

In their exciting and entertaining talk, Katja Ried (TNG) and Dimitris Kirtsios (Elli) present the project, explain why they find incidents so exciting, and show how Game Days might continue in the future. You can find this and other talks from our last Big Techday in the Big Techday Playlist or directly here.

December 2021

ArchUnit - Open-Source Library for automated Architectural rule testing

The open-source library ArchUnit was first designed by our colleagues a few years ago and has been under continuous improvement ever since.
By using ArchUnit it is possible to enforce architecture rules for Java and Kotlin applications via automated unit tests. It makes for a simple and quick way to check whether, for example, dependencies between packages are allowed, or whether naming conventions are adhered to. In addition, it motivates regular discussions on architecture rules and thus helps to keep documentation alive. Especially in bigger teams with faster turnover of members and extensive code, this can be of great help.

Our colleague Peter Gafert has published an article in the current "Java Magazin" (issue 1/2022) on the introduction of ArchUnit into the architecture process in a team.

More information at


November 2021

Cloud version of our Multivote & Enterprise Survey for Confluence

Do you use Confluence Cloud? Are you looking for the possibility to let people vote directly in Confluence? Check out the brand new Cloud version of our popular app Multivote & Enterprise Survey for Confluence, which can be found in the Atlassian Marketplace as of November 22nd, 2021.

It has been the most used voting app in the Atlassian Marketplace for almost ten years. With the release of the Cloud version, which is now available in addition to the Server and Data Center version, we complete our portfolio in the Atlassian Marketplace. We now offer customers migrating to the Atlassian Cloud, as well as customers already using the Atlassian Cloud, the ability to let people vote directly in Confluence. You can try out the app for free here.

November 2021

TNG again among Bavaria's Best 50

TNG was honored again this year as an especially fast-growing, owner-operated medium-sized company, receiving the Bavarian Best 50 award. We are delighted to receive this distinction, which is about economic stability and being future-proof in addition to growth. Thanks to all our colleagues who made this success possible.

November 2021

Videos of Big Techday 21 online

On 24 September 2021, we celebrated our 14th Big Techday for the 14th time - this year as a hybrid event partly on site in Munich and partly online. The lectures by TNG employees and renowned external experts covered a number of exciting topics from science and technology: not just information technology, but also about physics, mathematics, culture and sport. At the Big Techday, participants learned about quantum computing, microservices and data warehousing, but also about mountain bike racing and hydrofoil catamarans.
You can find many of the presentations here as videos. For an overview of all the speakers and the content of the presentations, go here.

November 2021

Üdvözöljük irodánkban (= Welcome to our office)

Our location in Hungary is growing and growing. We now have 12 colleagues on site in Budapest. So far they have been working exclusively from home but now they also have the option to bring some variety into their daily routine: We have a new office in a coworking space in the very center of Budapest which is well worth seeing!

November 2021

Tutorial: Custom Connectors for Apache Flink

Apache Flink allows fast, fault-tolerant and distributed processing of data streams. But is your system lacking a suitable Flink connector?
Together with colleagues from Ververica we have written a tutorial on the implementation of such customized source connectors for the Table API and SQL in one of our client projects. Using an IMAP server as an example, we explain the process here step by step.

October 2021

The ABC Conjecture with Matt Parker

Think the ABC Conjecture is too abstract and incomprehensible? Not if you explain it with Lego bricks and lots of blue dots! If anyone can make complex mathematics understandable, it's Matt Parker: Youtuber, standup mathematician and speaker at this year's Big Techday. In his video, he makes the ABC conjecture accessible to non-mathematicians. The idea and visualisations were provided by our colleagues Sebastian Stamminger and Daniel Pape. "It was really cool to work with Matt. When do you ever get the chance to meet a real YouTube star?" says Sebastian. The result of the collaboration is this video. And not only that: under Daniel's guidance, one of our interns also developed a browser programme with which you can find your own ABC triples. Take a look and try it out.

October 2021

The first TNG autumn retreat

Last weekend, after more than 2 years, the Interalpen Hotel Tyrol opened its doors again for TNG and our first ever autumn retreat - of course with a strict hygiene concept, and as a 2G event (participants must be vaccinated or recovered). As always at our retreats, work and leisure went hand in hand. In small groups, we programmed and developed exciting features for our customers in hackathons and in various leisure activities, some of us climbed the Hohe Munde mountain in Telfs, learned to play golf or worked out in fitness classes. Most importantly however, we finally got to see each other in person again.

Previous news and events can be found in the archive.