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October 2017

Talks and Hosting

TNG was present at the Codemotion in Berlin and the PyCon.DE in Karlruhe with the talk "Avatar - Telepresence robotics with Nao and Kinect". Another colleague gave a lecture, "Purely functional side effects", at the Haskell Exchange 2017 in London. One of our colleagues also gave the talk "Architecture Refactoring" at the International PHP Conference and the International JavaScript Conference in Munich.

TNG hosted the Design Thinking Munich Meetup as well as the Software Architecture Munich Meetup. Additionally, we hosted and organized the NixCon 2017, a conference on Nix and NixOS.

September 2017

Trade show app development

We developed a web application to be used at a trade show stand for a large engineering company. The application comprises a React-based frontend and a Node.js backend and runs on tablets at the trade show. Its frontend features Responsive Design for display on visitors' mobile devices.

We integrated the application with the client's Manufacturing Execution System (MES), enabling users of the app to schedule and monitor orders, as well as viewing the machine's Key Performance Indicators in real time.

September 2017

Document Search Engine

We developed an Apache SolR and Python based search engine for internal documents for a mobile telecommunications provider. Alongside "traditional" information retrieval algorithms, TextRank is used to display a short document summary as a search result preview. Particularly helpful is the ability to search for complete texts, as wall as keyword searches, in order to find similar documents in the archive.

August 2017

Talks, Keynote und Sponsorship

TNG was represented at the HacFreiburg with a talk "QA in Haskell: Quickcheck, Doctest, Haddock, …". Another colleague gave a lecture entitled "High-Performance IO or How to write a SSD to death" at the Perl Conference in Amsterdam. TNG was also present at the JavaZone in Oslo and the IMWorld 2017 in Bucharest with the talk "Avatar - Telepresence robotics with Nao and Kinect". A colleague also gave a lecture on REST + HATEOAS at the Meetup of the Softwerkskammer Leipzig.

TNG once again sponsored the SoCraTes 2017 in Soltau, as well as sponsoring and organizing the SwaCamp 2017, an Unconference for Software Architecture and Design.

August 2017

Java Forum Stuttgart and Talks

TNG attended the Java Forum Stuttgart with a large group of participants as well as the talk "Avatar - Telepresence Robotics with Nao and Kinect". We were an Event Partner for the Forum.

One of our Partners gave a talk "Shaping Digital Change: Physicists in IT Consulting" at the DPG Munich Industry Dialogue. We were also represented at the Software Architecture Munich Group with the lecture "Agile Architecture – How much stability can agility handle?

August 2017

Marketing Automatization / Retargeting

We integrated Google Tag Manager for a large eCommerce client. This enables the retargeting of customers using automatic targeted ads and mailings. The campaigns are based on data from product views, carts and orders. Using Google Tag Manager also allows integration of further services, as well as supporting detailed data analysis.

July 2017

Company Growth

TNG was ranked 736 in the FT1000 list of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

The well-known British newspaper compared tens of thousands of companies across the whole of Europe with an annual turnover of at least €1.5m. The list recognizes the companies showing the highest sustained growth over three years.

July 2017

Big Data in the Telecommunication Sector

We supported a large German telecommunications provider in the planning, development and operation of a performance critical application. The Apache Flink and Hadoop Data Platform based application is used for invoice generation as well as to categorize and process mobile network events. For simple use, the application offers a lightweight single page frontend using Vue.js and TypeScript.

July 2017

Publication of a White Paper on Data Protection and Big Data

On 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in all EU member states. At the same time, many German and European companies have a growing interest – in the age of Google and Facebook etc – in the commercial use of this omnipresent personal data. Current Big Data technologies, in combination with modern cryptographic techniques reaching far beyond simple encryption, allow in-depth analysis and profitable use of large amounts of data without violating individuals' privacy.

We summarized our approach to these topics in a white paper (German only) that includes an in-depth interview with Professor Dr Gregor Thüsing, University of Bonn, about the legal background. The white paper was published as part of the Big Techday 10.

July 2017

Application Server Upgrade

We performed an upgrade of the application server at a large telecommunications company, replacing the old WebLogic 12.1.2 with the current 12.2.1 version. The most important effect was a substantial reduction in response times on all external interfaces. Behind the scenes we adapted the system to make further upgrades significantly easier.

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