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May 2022

BTD 22 - Registration opened!

Registration for our Big Techday 22 is open! We look forward to welcoming you on 15 July at Motorworld Munich.

May 2022

TNG becomes BSH Gold Supplier

Back in 2013 BSH launched Home Connect, a new generation of household devices designed to make a lasting difference in customers' daily lives. The key: In addition to high-quality hardware, their focus shifted to individualization and connectivity of the devices, designed to improve the customizability for a variety of different households. The transformation from a traditional manufacturer to a provider of intelligent home appliances and digital services also requires an innovative approach to product development. Following our motto "We solve hard IT problems!", we are pleased to support BSH since 2015 in many ways: From agile coaching to test-driven development of voice assistants, microservices, and frontends, from operating applications in the cloud to the simulation of household devices.

At this point we want to highlight the Bosch Cookit: It was designed from scratch for digital content and services and significantly co-developed by us. Together with BSH we already presented the device itself, our agile approach, and the associated IT landscape at the TNG Big Techday 2021. However, the development is far from being done. By now users can even create and share their own recipes, and further exciting features are in the pipeline.

We would like to thank BSH for the trustful cooperation on innovative topics that create real added value for their customers. As a newly awarded Gold Supplier we are looking forward to continuing to provide BSH with intensive support in improving the everyday lives of their customers.

May 2022

Membership in the German-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce

We are happy to now be a member of the German-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce. TNG ANZ keeps growing. In June, we will have eight employees in Australia.  In an interview, our colleague and Managing Director of TNG ANZ Michael Fickinger talks about TNG's motivations to expand to the other side of the globe and gives advice for other companies planning the same.

May 2022

Atlassian Apps Survey Release

Are you using the Atlassian Cloud? Are you looking for a possibility to create complex surveys directly in Confluence? We have extended our Cloud version of Multivote & Enterprise Survey for Confluence. It now offers the Survey macro that you might already be familiar with from our Server and Data Center versions. The Survey macro allows you to create complex surveys with a wide selection of different question types while also offering a granular permission concept on both user and group levels. After conducting the survey, you can also view, inspect and export the results. Our Server and Data Center versions also received a major rework in terms of user experience. We are happy to be able to offer the same features in both the Cloud and the Server and Data Center versions of the app. Are you interested? Start creating your own surveys today with a free trial of Multivote & Enterprise Survey for Confluence!

April 2022

TNG Karlsruhe opened!

On April 1st, we opened our new office in Karlsruhe! Our wifi and coffee machine are already up and running. We are happy to have found a very nice office at RaumFabrik Durlach.

Do you also want to enjoy this view? Let's get in touch.         

February 2022

Load tests for Black Friday 2021

For many online retailers, "Black Friday" represents the annual high-point both in per-day takings and simultaneous customer visits, and it is critical that the virtual shops run by such businesses can withstand this resultant high load. For the peak season in 2021, one of our longest standing clients, an online fashion retailer, expected an even greater increase in their order volume compared with the previous year, as well as likely the highest customer numbers to date. In addition, the substantial changes to the online shop infrastructure during the year were not backed up by significant experience of running the system for resilience in its new configuration. To assess and fortify the webshop in preparation for the peak season, a task force was formed out of members of development and operations teams, and here TNG played a leading role.

Working alongside other departments and external contractors, developers subjected the production setup to nightly cloud-based load tests that allowed a thorough assessment of the health of the system. Realistic test scenarios were reproduced in the form of JMeter test plans, simulating customer journeys through the shop, while the system could be monitored using both Elastic Stack, Promtheus, and Grafana, as well as in-house analysis tools. All relevant performance problems could be iteratively identified and fixed.

That this was a success could be seen on Black Friday weekend, when technical problems and performance disruptions were not only so minimal as to go unnoticed by customers, but were avoided entirely. The 2021 diet of load tests also afforded many insights into the webshop's performance and let to a round of suggested measures by way of preparation for yet further growth in the ensuing year.

February 2022

TNG Follows The Sun

TNG is becoming more and more international! True to the motto "Follow The Sun", a second TNG colleague moved from Germany to the other side of the globe at the beginning of January to support our Australian branch. The subsidiary was founded in April last year and is now fully established. As of the beginning of March, a total of four employees will be working Down Under - and we are still expanding.
The pandemic has permanently changed our working environment and significantly accelerated the trend towards remote work. The shift to telecommuting has taught us that we can work together successfully from multiple locations. An international company has some benefits: "Follow The Sun" is not only the motto of our two German colleagues in Melbourne, but also one of the main reasons why TNG has chosen Australia as a location. Due to the time difference, we are able to create a global knowledge workflow in order to provide software development and DevOps services to our clients around the clock. In addition, the location creates the possibility for us to expand into the ANZ market and transfer our experience and success in Germany to this market. We are excited to see what else the future holds! If you also wish to actively experience and support TNG's international growth, you may find more information about the Software Developer/IT Consultant position in Melbourne here.

February 2022

Security as a Serious Game - Elevation of Privilege online

Without any doubt security is important in software development. At the same time the topic is usually not a core competence of development teams, but is audited by individual, usually external experts. These audits often happen at the end of the development process, contrary to the agile approach. In order to protect systems against attacks early, continuously, and efficiently, potential threats should be considered regularly and counteracted accordingly already during the development process.

The serious game "Elevation of Privilege", developed by Microsoft, helps integrating threat modelling into the agile development process at an early stage and creating awareness for security issues. In the game, with the help of playing cards the development team thinks from the attacker's perspective and thus identifies threats before they actually arise. And it's fun!
An open-source online version is available so that distributed teams can also play the game. TNG colleagues play a major role in developing it using JavaScript, React, and the game engine:

You would like to try out the game and look for a moderator? Feel free to contact us at info(at)

February 2022

How laws become software

More than 2000 years ago, the carpenter Joseph travelled with his pregnant wife Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem for the census. In order to spare today's population this experience in the 2022 census, TNG is working together with our client AKDB on digitising the registration system. In the future we might not even have to make the tiresome journey to the registration office when moving to a new address.

The heterogeneous landscape in the German registration system, caused among other things by federal structures, poses great challenges for the municipalities when it comes to digitalisation. Technical structures must be built that include the citizens as well as the various authorities. At the same time data reconciliation must take place, rulings of the Constitutional Court must be taken into account, and data protection must be guaranteed by encrypted transmission of information and a validated system login.

In their Big Techday talk, Dr Ulrike Schröder from TNG and Franz-Xaver Salat from AKDB describe how they are facing these challenges and which technical solutions will make the lives of German citizens easier in the future. You can find this and other talks from the last Big Techday in the Big Techday Playlist or directly here.

February 2022

App enables digital communication with the local pharmacy

Especially during the pandemic, it is a good idea to keep visits to pharmacies to a minimum. Together with Sanacorp Pharmahandel GmbH, one of the largest German pharmaceutical wholesalers, we have developed the app to make visits more efficient. Customers can use the application to fill prescriptions online, request medication, chat with their local pharmacy or even find the nearest pharmacy. This saves time and unnecessary journeys while enabling a quick and discreet pick-up.
Data protection is particularly important with these sensitive topics. Therefore, the chats between the customer and the pharmacy are completely encrypted end-to-end, and all data remain in Germany.
In a Scrum team, TNG implemented the app together with the client using the Ionic Framework which enables development of iOS and Android versions of an app with a single code base.
Further useful functionality is planned for the app, such as the ability to get e-prescriptions filled.

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