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May 2017

Talks, Showcases and Usergroups

At the "Connect" conference organized by Mulesoft, our colleagues demonstrated the TNG-developed telepresence system based on Nao and Kinect. In parallel, our colleagues gave a talk on this system entitled "Avatar - Telepresence robotics with Nao and Kinect" at the IoT TechDay in Utrecht.

One of our colleagues gave a talk on the topic "Telefónica Data Anonymization Platform - Big Data meets Privacy by Design" at the Daimler Global Information Security Conference in Stuttgart. We were represented at the SE Live 2017 in the Zugspitz village Grainau with the lecture "Agile Architecture - How much Stability can Agility handle?"

We also organized various Meetups and contributed talks at the Apache Flink Meetup Munich, the Puppet Usergroup Meetup, Software Architecture Munich, the MuniCSS Meetup and the Atlassian User Group Munich.

April 2017

Rejuvenation of a Legacy Application

After five years of stabilizing, consolidating and developing a monolithic Java backend application for a large telecommunications company, we opened a new chapter in the system architecture during the development of an important new feature. The feature was conceived and implemented from the start as a microservice, communicating with the existing application via REST. We introduced Hibernate as ORM: a further improvement on the existing, custom-developed data access layer. For the build system we replaced ant with gradle. The effect is a significant modernization of the legacy system landscape, in terms of both architecture and technology.

March 2017

Talks and User Groups

One of our colleagues gave a talk "A Big Data Streaming Recipe" at the Voxxed Days Bucharest. We presented the topic "Avatar – Telepresence robotics with Nao and Kinect" both at the Mobile TechCon in Munich and at Javaland in Brühl by Cologne.

We also organized the Design Thinking Munich Meetup, the Software Architecture Munich Meetup and the MNUG. At Design Thinking, two colleagues gave a talk on the topic "Typically German – Design Thinking in Germany: Clash Of Cultures?"

March 2017

Poker "Brains versus AI"

From 11-31 January in Pittsburgh, four of the world's best players played in a no-limit Texas Hold'em Poker tournament against an AI, "Libratus", developed at the Carnegie Mellon University. Libratus won the tournament, which TNG sponsored, by a large margin, marking a milestone in the history of artificial intelligence.

February 2017

Events at TNG and Talks

The Nodeschool #1 took place at TNG on 21 January. On 31 January we hosted the Software Architecture Munich Meetup and on 9 February the Atlassian User Group. Our employees gave talks at several meetups: "No More Spinners" at the Munich UX Meetup, "Strategies for AI deployment" at the Deep Learning Meetup Munich and "Design Thinking for Beginners" at Design Thinking Munich.

The IoT Hackathon for TNG employees and e-fellows also took place at TNG's offices on 10 February. Intel supported with hardware.

One of our colleagues gave a talk "Shell-Scripting mit Haskell" at the BOB Conference 2017 in Berlin.

February 2017

Articles in Technology Blog Heise Developer Online

TNG employees contributed two articles to the important German technology blog Heise Developer Online: an Article on the Big Data technologies Apache Spark and Apache Flink in the summer and, together with one of our clients, an Article on REST with HATEOAS in December. The latter reached 14th place amongst the most read articles of the year 2016.

February 2017

OOP 2017

TNG contributed several showcases and lectures to the OOP 2017.

Our colleagues gave talks on the topics "Integrated and Professional Software Development with the Atlassian Stack" and "Avatar – Telepresence Robotics with Nao and Kinect". One of our executive partners gave a lecture at the Intel AI Day and took part in the panel discussion as part of the OOP.

TNG had representatives at the Atlassian and the Intel stand, presenting showcases on gesture control and telepresence robotics. Our colleagues demonstrated various prototypes in the areas of IoT, augmented reality, virtual reality and robotics at the OOP Maker Faire.

February 2017

Development and Implementation of a Customer Matrix

We supported a telecommunications provider in the development and implementation of a customer matrix for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Customer value and the probablility of contract termination for each end customer are recalculated every day in the Data Warehouse and transmitted to the CRM systems. Agents in the Service Centre and Point of Sales receive valuable information about the end customer and have the best possible support for providing personal customer care. The customer matrix also allows the CRM team to define standard strategies and to specify individual customer offers.

January 2017

Munich Team wins the Hyperloop Pod Competition

TNG was the first sponsor of the TU Munich's Hyperloop team. The first ideas for participation in the competition run by SpaceX and Elon Musk go back to autumn 2015. The efforts of the student team, involving up to 30 students, were rewarded with victory in the competition and the prizes for "fastest pod" and "best performance in flight". Neither the strong competition from Delft and MIT nor the heavy rain and customs' confiscation of the batteries could prevent the win. We congratulate the team and look forward to the talk at the next Big Techday!

December 2016


The TNG Hardware Hacking Team was represented at the online conference "Virtual Reality with the Best" with the topic "Avatar – Telepresence Robotics with Nao and Kinect". One of our employees also gave a talk "REST Services only with HATEOAS" at the Java Usergroup Munich.

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