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June 2019

AI Size Recommender for Fashion

For a large fashion retailer, TNG developed an application that makes individual size recommendations for web shop customers. The task for the solution was – despite a large number of size ranges and partly low availability – to display to individual customers only those products really likely to fit. To do this, we started with an idea workshop, convinced our client by developing a prototype, and finally rolled out a production solution with measurable success. To create the individual size profiles, we experimented with various machine learning approaches. The final version was then implemented using AWS Lambda and Elasticsearch. 

May 2019

Conferences und User Groups

TNG was present at the Minds Mastering Machines in Mannheim with the keynote lecture "Style Transfer - How neural networks generate art" as well as a talk "AI-supported quality assurance in aircraft construction. At the TEQNation in Utrecht, colleagues gave a lecture entitled "Stereoscopic Real-time Style Transfer AI - Art is not what you see?"

At the Java User Group Stuttgart, a colleague gave a lecture "Test Driven Architecture". TNG also hosted the first meeting of the Wardley Mapping Community Munich and organized the Atlassian User Group Munich.

April 2019

Conferences and User Groups

TNG was present at the JavaLand 2019 in Brühl with the talks "Test Driven Architecture" and "Stereoscopic Style Transfer AI - Art is not what you see?" The latter talk was also held at the Codemotion in Amsterdam. Colleagues also spoke on "Microservices with Akka Streams" at the microXchg in Berlin, "Applicative DSLs" at the BobKonf 2019 in Berlin, "How Machines learn to code - Machine Learning auf Basis von Source Code" at the AccSoCon in Montabaur and "Preventing Manipulation of Enterprise Databases using Public Blockchains" at the Praxisforum Blockchain 2019 in Munich. Internationally, TNG was present at the Open Source Leadership Summit 2019 near San Fransisco with the talk "FOSSology Project - Latest News and Future Plans" and the lecture "Test Driven Architecture" at the JEEConf in Kiev.

TNG also contributed lectures or organizational assistance to the following user groups: Angular Meetup, Anonyme Agilisten Munich Meetup, Atlassian User Group Munich, Deep Learning Meetup Munich, Design Thinking Munich, Kotlin User Group Munich, Munich Frontend Developers Meetup, Open Infra Meetup Munich, PHP User Group Munich and Software Architecture Munich.

April 2019

Launch of a Real Time Chat App

To strengthen the contact between customers and pharmacists we supported a wholesale pharmaceutical company in the development of a chat system.

As a "progressive web app", the chat is available without installation and is optimized for mobile devices. We employed cloud services and among many other services a GraphQL interface.

Users' feedback is collected and incorporated into the product, along with improvements and features, in an agile scrum process.

March 2019

Modularization of a Monolithic Legacy Application though New Architecture and UI

We designed and verified a new architecture for a provider in the logistics sector, enabling incremental migration from two monolithic legacy applications to state-of-the-art modules. We supported risk reduction though various proofs of concept – particularly for the seamless integration of a modern React UI into the existing ExtJS application, as well as to verify backend integration mechanisms.

February 2019

Introduction of a Cloud Microservice-Platform

We supported a client in building a microservice platform as part of a worldwide technology program. The platform is based on AWS and Kubernetes, which act as a blueprint for new service development and serve as a means to move the concern towards agile processes and Dev Ops.

The implementation of an automated, cloud-based CI/CD pipeline and templates for service development and deployment processes allow services to be delivered in a quality-controlled as well as cost-efficient way.

January 2019

Conferences and User Groups

TNG was present at the OOP Conference in Munich with multiple showcases like "Real-time gesture control in a browser game" and the VR game "ParrotAttacks Unreal" as well as the lecture "Stereoscopic Style Transfer AI - art isn't what you see?". The latter was also held at the Intel AIDC in Munich. Another colleague spoke on the topic "FOSSology - Two New Approaches for Licence Scanning" at the Linux Foundation's Open Compliance Summit in Yokohama. TNG attended the Software Quality Days in Vienna, giving a lecture "How machines learn to code - Machine learning on source code".

Colleagues also gave talks at various User Groups: "Artificial Intelligence in JavaScript using Tensorflow.js" at the Munich NodeJS User Group and the Hacking Machine Learning User Group, as well as "How we run Flink on Kubernetes at Telefónica NEXT" at the Apache Flink Meetup Munich.

January 2019

Payment process improvement

We helped a client meet the challenge of successfully processing all transactions even during periods with especially high order volumes, thus avoiding revenue loss.

To achieve this, we modularized existing code for connecting payment service providers and added two new providers.

The rejuvenated payment process now provides a failover for individual unavailable payment methods, thus delivering the required high availability while at the same time reducing costs.

December 2018

Bavaria's Best 50

In 2018 TNG was amongst the awardees of "Bavaria's Best 50" for the forth time (after 2010, 2012, 2015). 

December 2018

TNG now Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

In December 2018, having already been Atlassian Expert and Gold Solution Partner, TNG was accredited as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, the highest level of Atlassian Partner. We have been using Atlassian products in our projects for 10 years as Atlassian Partners and can support our clients in all areas of digitalization with Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket etc. From requirements management through agile software development to optimization and automatic reports for Business Intelligence: our team of certified Atlassian experts can help you to reach your goals.

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