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June 2021

Der erste TNGler in der Schweiz

We're off into the big, wide world: we are becoming even more international!

With colleagues living in Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria and Australia, on the 1st of July, we will welcome our first TNG employee based in Switzerland.

We are looking forward to many lines of code (in "Schwyzerdütsch") and hopefully delicious fondue in the coming weeks and months.

Are you interested in joining us as a software consultant? Then apply here:

June 2021

Animated Buttons in the t3n magazine

The latest issue of "t3n" magazine features the article "Bewegte Buttons" (Animated buttons) by one of our TNG colleagues. It should be fun to use websites and so UX/UI is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to CSS transitions and animations, fluid effects are now possible, even without JavaScript. The article explains how these technologies work in the browser and where developers should be careful of pitfalls.

June 2021

TNG lectures in retrospect

Digital formats have never been more important than during the pandemic. Our employees were able to continue to network, educate themselves and share their knowledge via virtual lectures and workshops. At the beginning of the year, two of our colleagues gave two guest lectures, including a workshop, as part of a computer science class at the Technical University of Munich to show the students the practical application of Haskell in everyday work. On this occasion, TNG also awarded a prize to the best students of the semester for a special project. In the spring, our staff gave no less than three talks or presented showcases at the OOP 2021 conference, including one on "Brain Computer Interfaces Demystified - Can Thoughts Take Control?". The TNG talk "Deepfakes 2.0 - How neural networks are changing our world" is much loved and has been given at several conferences, such as CodeDays and JavaLand 2021, since the beginning of the year alone. The topic of deepfakes has also been featured several times on television, including Galileo and Leschs Kosmos.

March 2021

Winter Retreat at TNG

Learning by doing - that's the motto of our annual winter retreat. In small groups, we code, tinker, ponder and discuss - the topics are as diverse as our colleagues.

At this year's retreat last Friday, March 19, exciting topics such as "Smart Home with Home Assistant", "Self-built video chat - how hard can it be?" or "Quantum Computing with Qiskit" were on the agenda. Sounds exciting? In the next weeks you will find project reports on our Linkedin page.

Even though we were not able to celebrate and feast together in a hotel in the mountains this year, our colleagues were of course still taken care of. Each of them received a surprise snack box, delivered to their door, which they could open and enjoy throughout the day at their leisure.

We also didn't forget to have fun! In the evening there was a wide selection of activities including painting, model building, a cooking class, and much more.

February 2021

From the ocean to the model - the Glomar Explorer in Lego

At the Big Techday 2019, the journalist Josh Dean spoke about the secret "Azorian" mission from 1974. The CIA wanted to salvage the sunken Russian submarine "K-129" with the "Glomar Explorer", a ship specially designed for this purpose. All was planned and executed in secret, without the knowledge of the Soviet Union. Even though the mission was only partially successful, as the submarine broke during the recovery, the Explorer was a technical marvel. However, a functioning model has never been built, as far as we know.

Challenge accepted: TNG contacted Pawel Kmieć a.k.a. "Sariel", a highly creative Lego model builder, who'd already presented his inventions and design work at the BTD 2017. We brought the idea, budget and enthusiasm, and Sariel took on the task. His work in progress was shown at the BTD 2020 and since then, completed - Thanks, Pawel!

The model, which is three meters long and not only looks extreme, also swims in real life and is able to grab a model submarine with its gripping device. So while we hope for the Corona virus to be pushed back by vaccines, our big model is also patiently waiting in our office for the summer we are all longing for - and a swimming pool...

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