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February 23rd, 2024

"Rock your Sprint Review" nominated for the Atlassian Customer Choice Awards 2024

After our app "Rock your Sprint Review" received acclaim in the "Responsible AI" category at the Atlassian Codegeist Unleashed 2023 hackathon, we are now nominated for another prize: the Atlassian Customer Choice Awards 2024, in which we are competing in the category "AI Apps for Developer Experience". The award will be granted based on votes by potential users of the nominated apps :) You can vote for us until February 27th here.

January 15th, 2024

App "Table Enhancer for Confluence" now available for Confluence Cloud

Good news for all Confluence Cloud users! Our Atlassian apps team recently released the popular app "Table Enhancer for Confluence" as a Cloud version. It allows you to customize your Confluence tables. Features include improved sorting and row numbering, sticky rows and columns, and summing up the total value of cells. To ensure a smooth transition from the Server or Data Center versions to the Cloud, we provide a detailed explanation of the migration path for the app. Soon, we will also release a semi-automated migration tool that will be integrated directly into the Cloud version of our app.

For more information and a free trial, check out the Atlassian Marketplace.

December 15th, 2023

Release of our app "Rock Your Sprint Review" on the Atlassian Marketplace

Our brand-new cloud app, "Rock Your Sprint Review for Jira" 🎾, is now available for download on the Atlassian Marketplace. The app automates the often tedious and time-consuming task for developers of preparing sprint review presentations. With just one click, you can now let ChatGPT analyze your tickets of a completed sprint and automatically generate visually appealing slides about the most important results. To further enhance the presentation, you can customize the slide content by including or excluding specific tickets and even incorporating AI-generated images. For this innovative idea, we recently received the "Responsible AI" award by Atlassian in the Codegeist Unleashed 2023 hackathon. The app was also very well-received by our guests at our AI Showcase Expo in Melbourne during the Australian AI Month. For more information and to try the app for free, click here

November 20th, 2023

Atlassian Codegeist Unleashed 2023: Award "Responsible AI" for our apps team

Our Atlassian apps team participated in the 'Codegeist Unleashed 2023' hackathon hosted by Atlassian and achieved success by winning an award in the 'Responsible AI' category for our new cloud app, 'Rock Your Sprint Review’. Our app leverages ChatGPT to assess all relevant tickets in a Sprint and present key results in a visually appealing format. This allows developers to largely automate this often tedious task. Throughout the app's development, we prioritized data protection, transparent use of AI, and adherence to common best practices in IT security. This approach impressed the jury, and we prevailed among 138 projects from over 80 countries.

You can find more information about our brand-new app here. 'Rock Your Sprint Review' will soon be available to download on the Atlassian Marketplace. 

November 9th, 2023

TNG ANZ is now an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner for Asia-Pacific

TNG is now also a Silver Solution Partner for Atlassian in the Asia-Pacific (APAC). As a Gold Solution Partner since 2018, we are happy that our Australian subsidiary is now also listed in Atlassian’s APAC partner directory. We offer a wide range of services including initial setup, administration and migration of Atlassian products such as Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket. We also develop custom apps, both for clients and for internal use. Some of them are available on the Atlassian Marketplace:

For more information, please reach out to our Atlassian Consulting Team at or for the APAC region.

June 30th, 2023

Release of our app "AI Assistant for Confluence"

With the launch of our fully AI-based Confluence app, "AI Assistant for Confluence", making the most out of your Confluence pages just got significantly easier. It provides you with a seamless and contextual link to ChatGPT directly from your instance. Whether you want to quickly summarize a page, find a crucial piece of information, or translate it, the AI Assistant is right at your disposal. Also included are helpful prompt suggestions that have been optimized to allow you to quickly power up your Confluence experience with AI.

Install it for free here

June 22nd, 2023

Threat-modeling card game ‘Cumulus’ is now an official OWASP project

We are happy to announce that our threat-modeling card game ‘Cumulus’ is now an official OWASP project! Cumulus is designed to enhance the security of operations and cloud aspects of modern DevOps projects. By gamifying the threat-modeling process, it empowers teams to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities in a fun and interactive way. For more information, click here:

OWASP Cumulus is an #opensource community project and lives from your insights and suggestions. You can contribute by raising issues and creating pull requests to enhance its features. Please participate at:


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